Itu Cerita, Not My Cup Of Tea

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

To go to the office, doing some work for 30 minutes then find a gossip partner und chat chat chat about this lady and that guy, about the RM they are making, et cetera is a no no for me. Not during office hours und definitely not about the negative bits. 

Mental Arithmetic.
I give the girl this exercise before tutor session.
I always insist for her to calculate as fast as lightning.
insyaAllah. Moga istiqamah.
I myself used to go through this exercise almost every morning
back in Highfield Jr. School, England.
I was 10 year old und I loved doing it.

  • I myself cannot stand drama oder film about silly husband/wife who has secret affair with other people und cheekily find love elsewhere while the spouse cares und loves him/her whole heartedly. That is just plain stupid. 
  • It makes me sick to my stomach that I can't even watch such drama for a good 5 minutes. 
  • I prefer watching Cupcake Wars than having to digest the ridiculous attitude of some (might be majority) married people. 
Looks good aber not really.
The custard was soooo little. I still prefer raisin buns. 

  • Most of you know how despise I am with such human being, who doesn't even bother whether his or her actions will get a beautiful marriage on the rock. Und since I am a muslim, I myself feel awkward that there are 'intelligent' muslims who choose to be unfaithful. 
  • Guess they are not that intelligent after all...
  • Why? Is it not written in the Al-Quran that if one cheats on one spouse, the punishment is such und such? I guess not. Aber the word 'zina' is in it. I know. Perhaps most muslims regard zina as *toot aber they do not know what does zina really means. 
  • Perhaps going out for lunch with deep interest in that particular person is not zina just yet, eyh? So he/she thinks that he/she is not committing a 'crime' that Allah s.w.t. despises. 
  • Still, Beer und Wine win over flirting. Oh the winner is still Babi where the married person who cheats on his/her spouse will still walk miles away from a restaurant that serves PORK chop. 
  • Stupid.
Yes, I look older than my age at this moment.
I had eye infection which hurt badly. Was given painkiller und tablets to reduce swelling.
Plus, I have been battling with my emotions due to the regular visits to the clinic und hospital.
I cannot wait for everything to be over. I told my husband,
"This is a jihad for me. For someone who is so afraid of needles und hospitals. Fear Factor."Another two procedures to go. Looking at my blueblack arm due to the blood extraction on last Saturday,
I don't think the coming tests are going to be any less painful. -_-

  • I prefer not to watch unfaithful husband und silly lady.
  • If such event happens to me, nauzubillahiminzalik. AllahuMusta'an. I have no control over this matter und I leave the rest to Allah Azzawajalla. 
  • Then only we know who my husband, Syahmi really is. 
  • As for now, I just want to keep on trying to be a great wife for my husband und hope he continues doing his bit too. 
  • No more dreaming about Richard Gere in Pretty Woman for me. 
  • Happy 93rd monthyversary bibi. 


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