Lets Drink, Perhaps Together?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I was definitely in a 'Muslim' country, surrounded by mostly Muslims. Aber did I hear that right?

Albanna with his 'peace'.
I feel like munching you baby!
I managed to see him guling-guling on a bed of cushions last night.
He then fell on the floor hurting his head I guess aber no one noticed that except me.
I couldn't do anything mate, I was only virtually with him! =D

  • I was queuing, waiting for my turn to vote. It was a very long queue. Too long indeed. Then I spotted my friend who then came to wait with me. Danke schon friend ;)
  • When I was about a few people away from the main door, I accidentally heard a young lady about the age of my youngest brother asked the guy behind me (sort of like this):
Lady 90: You drink?

  • Ouch. Her question caught my attention. Not that I had been eavesdropping aber that particular question sounded so clear to my ears. Due to the eagerness to know the 'younger' generation und I suppose the lady 90 knows my younger brother, I decided to catch the Guy 88's reply. Und their conversation went sort of like this (plus the intonation) ;-
Guy 88: No I don't.
Lady 90: You don't?!
Guy 88: Yeah. No. I'm too old for that I guess. 
Lady 90: Mmm.. well I don't drink, don't take chemical and don't do party anymore. Yadayadayada
  • Yes. I believe that both of them are Muslims. The Guy 88 walked with me from the school canteen to the queuing line und we did chat along the way. He even answered his phone call by greeting salam. So he is indeed a Muslim guy. 
  • While the Lady 90 is still studying law at a local university. She speaks 'urbanly?'. With swearing und loudness, nicht gut. 
  • I am not stereotyping und I am not trying to be judgmental. I am glad that Allah s.w.t. made me listened to them und due to that, I am now aware of what is happening around me. Yes, around me. Literally around me. Not just what have been appearing on the entertaining tube.
  • Booze is so common now und it can easily be the main topic in public aber not during my time. Well I believe there were quite a few students of my age who did consume alcoholic drinks back in high school aber I myself didn't talk about it. 
  • For a muslim to be so surprised hearing another muslim doesn't consume booze, that doesn't sound good to me. I was literally gobsmacked by it!
We tend to forget things. May photos bring back beautiful memories
und help us in reminding on the promises we made und how to achieve our goals.
May Allah guide us.

  • This can never become a common practice. For any Muslims to consume alcoholic drink is a big NO NO. Again, babi wins! 
  • Yea yea yea. 
  • I bet these Muslims who consume booze will easily get sick to their stomach if they were served pork together with their drinks. 

  • I am not going to type what should we do to ensure that our offsprings are in good hands. Maybe not now. 


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