Oh Malaysia Ku

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

It is no more about how much a man has in his pocket for his lady. It is how well he is able to care for her due to Allah s.w.t. Yes, Lillahita'ala. Und the rest will come easily. Period. 

  • Some people know what they want to be when they grow up. Aber some just don't. Giving up is not an option. To those who are still struggling in finding the meaning of life, fret not. Pack your bags und go round Malaysia. Make friends with the good ones und learn from others. With all prayers und Doa, insyaAllah you will be able to see the purpose of life. Well, if you hate traveling, then don't go too far. 
  • I like living in Malaysia. I feel comfortable living in my home country. Aber as I grow up, I tend to compare Malaysia with other countries. Of course I still love Malaysia. Wink wink ;)
I need to share this with you lot. I like the color Twilight from Jotun.
Shade of light grey aber not too light und not too dark.
The price was less than RM39 per liter. After tong tong nego nego perhaps can get around RM32.

This is the code just in case you want to try this colour. 

  • I love on how easy it is for me to go visit family, relatives und friends. I do admit that I am unable to visit everyone aber that does not mean that you are not welcome to my home. 
  • To those who have been reading this blog und I still haven't had the time to call oder visit, greatest apology. Praying for your well being and happiness. InsyaAllah we'll meet soon.

  • I love Malaysia. I love the food, the weather, the people aber I don't like the expensive toll rates. Haha. 
  • I love Malaysia. I love the beautiful holiday places, the smooth highways/motorways, the non hectic KLIA aber I don't really fancy our education system. Haha. 
  • I love Malaysia. I love the pretty Masjids, the Skytrex, the street food aber I am not fond of the culture of blaming the lady for not being able to conceive. Haha.
  • Oh Malaysia. =)
Another thing that I want to share with you lot.
My mom in law's Ikan Masak Asam recipe.
She's a Malaccan so I guess her recipe is one of the authentic ones.
=) I haven't tried it yet. Will do so someday. insyaAllah.  

  • Well Malaysian muslim men, I am not going to help you lot arguing about the amount of mas kahwin oder hantaran. I guess it is quite unfair if you ask for sympathy when it comes to wang hantaran aber a few years after tying a knot, you decide to two-timing your wife.
  • Allah. This part of Malaysia, me no like. I know that this issue happens through out the world aber negative bits are not to be followed eyh. 
  • Take some time und ask your spouse, what do you really want to achieve with him/her from time to time. Set goals und priorities, together. 
  • Together. Yes, together. 
  • So go now!


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