Tentera Hati

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Jika baik hati maka baik segala anggota lahirnya. Jika buruk hati maka buruk segala anggota lahirnya. - Dr. Zulkifli AlBakri

I made simple mashed potato, grilled breaded chicken (for husband only) and grilled aubergine
drizzled with olive oil and a bit of salt pepper.
  • I know how it feels like to live without being reminded about Allah s.w.t. und Islam. Nicht gut. Nicht gut at all. 
  • Due to that, I do not encourage you lot to live alone, all by yourself. If the situation requires you to live alone 24/7, I reckon you find time to mingle with good people, with positive influence. InsyaAllah, you'll have the will to do good. 

  • We had a couple of weeks break from attending kuliah kitab alHikam by Dr. Zulkifli AlBakri due to my husband busy with his voluntary work for previous general election. Und finally we managed to attend for Hikmah no.54. I didn't manage to type in lengthy notes aber these are a few:
  1. Allah yang mengcahayakan segala dilangit dan di bumi.
  2. Nur sentiasa dikaitkan dengan perkara yang baik.
  3. Nur merupakan tentera bagi hati.
  4. Cahaya-cahaya menguatkan hati dan melemahkan nafsu.
  5. Nur cahaya terang itu sebagai cahaya menerangi hati manakala kegelapan itu untuk nafsu.
  6. Nur menghasilkan 3 perkara iaitu: Kasyaf, Ilmu dan ---- (I missed heard this one point).
  7. Kegelapan menghasilkan 3 perkara iaitu: Kejahilan, Kehilangan dan Kecelaruan.
  8. Jika baik hati maka baik seala anggota lahirnya. Jika buruk hati maka buruk segala anggota lahirnya.
  9. Sentiasa memohon cahaya dari Allah s.w.t.
  • We all know that there are so many news about our politicians and our political states. It is quite difficult to tell which is true und which is not especially when it comes to news on personal attacks. Due to that, I always make Doa to Allah s.w.t. to only allow the truth to enters my heart.
  • Alhamdulillah, Dr. Zulkifli AlBakri taught us a specific Doa about accepting the truth und avoiding fitnah:
Ya Allah, tunjukkan kebenaran kepada kami sebagai kebenaran dan beri rezeki dari kebenaran. Ya Allah tunjukkan kepada kami yang batil sebagai kebatilan.
Husband, sneezing? ;)

  • Remember, tentera hati ialah cahaya. We can read anything from all sorts of sources aber we are not forced to believe in all the news. Read carefully, think wisely und make Doa for the truth. 
  • Do not spread negative words about others. Bahaya. Amat bahaya. 
Jahil itu musibah. Jadi keluar dari kepompong kejahilan. - Dr. Zulkifli AlBakri.


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