These Few Days

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Just a quick one. Yours truly needs to run to the moon!

I forgot. Aber I think I baked this for his birthday. A year before he decided to...
I'm counting calories. Alhamdulillah managed to go a day without any silly cravings. 

  • Lets be grateful with what we have. 
  • Lets continue working for Allah s.w.t. und Islam aber NOT for an individual. 
  • Lets pay Zakat. 
  • Lets constantly remind each other. 
  • Lets just seal negative comments to ourselves. Jangan zahirkan. 
  • Be patient.
  • Lets perform solat. 
  • Be nice to other people and always think positive. 
  • Again, jangan zahirkan perkara buruk dan cerita negative kepada orang lain. 
  • May Allah s.w.t. reward all of us with His Paradise. 

Simple batu batu. Tak serabut :)
  • Abaya from Dubai.
  • Suitable for those : 162-167cm tall. (Kepada yang kurang tinggi tapi selesa size L, you boleh potong abaya ni sebab tiada design di kaki.)
  • Size 56 Dubai which is L in Malaysia. (to those who know me, I can fit in this comfortably)
  • Comes with matching shayla. 
  • Condition: New
  • Selling price: RM140 (termasuk charge Poslaju)
  • Material: quality Nida (I prefer this material banding lycra and cotton) 
  • Siapa nak beli, sila lah contact I thru fb or leave comment or whatsapp or sms/text. Siapa cepat, dia punya. 


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