Toll Tolly Tolla

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I don't want to be rude aber I really need to say this. I would like the BN supporters to pay toll for us, the anti-corruption people und we would like them to pay the ridiculous excise duty (for vehicle). I'm not asking for free education. I'm asking you lot to abolish or at least reduce the unnecessary things that we need to pay.  

Melentur buluh biar dari rebungnya.
Kalau kita nak jadi racist, jadi sorang-sorang cukup.
Jangan zahirkan guna mulut dan ajak orang lain naik kapal kita.
Jika sekali anak-anak kita dengar, mereka pasti ikut. 

  • If you tell me that all toll money is used to maintain the expressway/highway, don't bullshit me. The profit that PLUS Expressway Sdn. Bhd. made by 2006 was recorded at RM3.7billion (according to press statement by Lim Guan Eng. Click here. Bagus juga DAP nak reveal dari BN yang tutup semua hanky panky und corruptions dari mata MELAYU.) 
  • That was as of 2006. Aber can you imagine how much they are making up until last year? 
  • Read: Toll in Malaysiakini
  • If you do not know what profit und billion mean, please look up in a dictionary.
Albanna cried as his sister entered her classroom und left him outside with their mom.
Aww... He loves school too aber still young thus home school.

  • Both my husband und mom pay toll almost everyday. Mama pays at least RM12 on weekdays while husband at least RM7 from Monday to Friday. Und since husband und I do visit other people a lot during weekend, he pays at least RM6 on Saturday und Sunday. So my husband spends at least RM47 on toll every week und approximately RM188 a month. Due to the rebate thinggy, he gets at most RM38 from PLUS. So that makes him pay toll at least RM150 a month. 
  • If one million transactions (the same amount as what my husband pays daily), the expressway concession companies get about RM47mil per day. No kidding.
Some of the highways were purposely designed to trap road users whereby they end up with no choice but to use these highways in their daily mobility. As Klang Valley is teeming with car owners and poorly equipped with public transport facilities, highway concession companies rushed in to select certain high demand routes and stamp their authority with more highways.
It is obvious that after NSE, subsequent highways have been planned and built haphazardly in Malaysia. Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA), which is responsible for the construction, standards, management and usage of expressways under Federal Roads Act (Private Management) 1984, has done a mediocre job as far as policy and physical planning are concerned. Their mere existence is nothing but to facilitate the process of highway building by the highway concession companies whose rights to build have already been decided by those in the corridors of power.
Unlike the Highway Agency in the UK, a central body that holds jurisdictions on all matters pertaining to studying, planning, evaluating, contracting, building, operating and managing all motorways in the UK, MHA does not build or manage even a single expressway or highway. In fact, all expressways and highways in Malaysia today are in the hands toll concession companies, some of which are more powerful than MHA, in terms of their ability to dictate terms for their concessions! 
Dr Rosli Khan obtained his PhD in Transport Economics from Cranfield University, UK. He has been a practising consultant/company director in the last 25 years, being involved primarily in infrastructure development and economic policies.

Introducing 27 Tudungs.
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  • Stop saying that those who do not support BN are not being grateful. We thank the intelligent und honest ones aber we would like the goons to apologize und get off. 
  • Why are the BN supporters too afraid of Chinese? If DAP menang pun, they can never get to lead sebab PKR campur PAS pun lebih ramai dari DAP. Just look at how many seats DAP ada. Adoyh. 
  • And kalau PM Cina non-Muslim, kemungkinan 'besar' orang Melayu BN akan buat riot und do what ever it takes to take him down, no? 
  • Tapi kalau Cina muslim yang faham dan practice Islam secara menyeluruh jadi PM, I rasa lebih baik ambil dia banding Najib. 
  • Oh btw, jumlah undi for PR jauh lebih banyak dari BN. This is a fact. Alhamdulillah. 


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