Agama Ini

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Source: Sahih Bukhari 5694
Anas ibn Malik reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “None will taste the sweetness of faith until he loves a person only for the sake of Allah, until he would rather be thrown in the fire than to return to unbelief, and until Allah and His Messenger are more beloved to him than anything else.”

Update: Daun daun pokok cili I gugur di dalam kekalutan haze.
Jadi I bawa ia masuk ke dalam rumah. Kesian lah. 

  • I found peace in Islam. I knew und felt it way before aber not as great as when my somebody decided to do something silly. In a way I am grateful to Allah s.w.t. for the calamity. 
  • No matter how handsome our Imam is, there will at least be a glitch in a marriage. Yes. No surprise. Aber Islam teaches one to forgive. Don't mind those who take things for granted as they are the ones who will bear the loss. 
  • When we remember Allah s.w.t. all the time, insyaAllah we will constantly be reminded that we do things due to Him. We should please Him aber not anyone else. Aber that doesn't mean that we can simply be rude to other people oder pull up a "sour" facial expression to our husband, children und all in laws.
  • The way we treat others will be questioned too. Every single thing. From £ to our relationship with other people. Thus it is important for us to learn on how to improve our social skills und really understand on how to live our lives as according to Islam.
Jerebu ni best makan watermelon.
Our current favorite snack. =D
  • A few days ago I had a chat with a person (remain as secret) who expressed how disappointed her/his parents are over relatives who do not come to visit the family at their abode. I never thought that would be an issue as there is no such thing written in kitab that , "When we go to their house for a visit, they must visit us back at our home." Never. 
  • This is what happen when tradition/culture und Islamic teaching got mixed up und not being digested very well. 
  • I was gobsmacked. Yes. If visits can strengthen the bonds between people, then it is encourage-able aber NOT when you're mind oder ancestors are telling you this: "You visit me, I visit you. " und "The younger ones should visit the elder ones. Period."
  • It is good to have self reflection on why people do not want to have conversation with us. We might be too cold oder we always channel negative remarks und reactions to others. 
  • As always, these are reminders to myself too. 
Badan canggini bukan keluarga Johan ni. Hahaha.
Kerempengnya.... Uncle Jim, Skytrax Australia. 

  • Islam is too beautiful that we should not mix up traditions with it. Not all of our Malay traditions are good to be implemented. So we should know the gist behind these traditions. Such as, you know at school, where the seniors request greeting from the juniors. Lame. I never did abide to that ridiculous request even though I used to have juniors at school. 
  • Not visiting is not a sin in Islam except in certain specific conditions. We can always strengthen bonds by other means und we cannot expect other people to feel the same way as we do. 
  • We might feel close to human A aber human A might not feel as comfortable as we do. There are just things that we should not put the blame on other people und start calling them non-Islamic. 
  • Self reflection und get to know other people do help in releasing stress over this matter. InsyaAllah.   
Potong gini pastu makan sorang. Nyums!

  • I have a sahabat who came all the way from Kuantan to visit me in the year 2008 (if i'm not mistaken) by bus. She even attended my wedding. Aber I never get the chance to set foot in her kampung. It has been years und now she has moved to New Zealand. If she chose to 'merajuk' with me, she wouldn't have phoned me. Danke schon love =) You know that I do learn from you. 


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