Blessings Even Without A Tea Party

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

It's no longer about handbag even though the muqaddimah is about it. I now learn that ukhuwah definitely wins over ringgit.

"Whuddd? I'm having meatballs so whuddd?"
According to his father, Albanna now loves to make funny faces.
I love you Albanna! xoxo 

  • The sun is out. I don't have the heart to keep on staying in bed. Husband is already  out for work und while he was getting ready, I gave him one of my favorite lines which I got from Chef Ammar aber I tweaked it to suit us ;- 
Ayla : Bibi, have a great day at work. Und work dari hati, work with Iman.

  • There are times when I don't feel like doing any work. I just want to spend my time with the two munchkins; Alhassan Alayoubi und Albanna. Aber since they are no longer in Malaysia, I am unable to have fun with them as often as before. The only thing I am able to do other than communicating with them on Skype is to send them presents through my parents. 
  • Alhamdulillah, since the day the kids were away, Allah s.w.t. has sent guests to our home. I just realized that by running The Sale, I manage to meet my school und college friends. Well, the last time I saw some of them was in the year 2005! 
  • When it comes to meeting old friends und relatives, handbags und shoes come third. From talking about handbags et cetera, we talked about our lives und good things about other friends. Sometimes over tea oder coffee aber sometimes just over  a glass of mango drink. 
  • I don't really go out to restaurants to meet my friends und relatives. Aber sometimes I do when I feel like having this und that that I am unable to prepare at home. Well, I'm not the type who knows how to cook a hundred und one dishes. Aber I really want to enter Masterchef. Haha. So how now brown cow?
Danke schon bapak for the lunch. You're indeed a good cook. Muahahaha!

  • Another friend of mine came for a visit last night. Alhamdulillah. The last time I met her when both of us were attending architecture interview back in the year 2004. Count count! About 9 years ago. Our moms knew each other und were friends since they were 13 y'all. 
  • I remember the day when we went for the interview, our moms waited outside the 'interrogation' room for us. We went in together aber we finished at different time. She then managed to pursue architecture while I was given the chance by Allah s.w.t. to spend another years in England. 
  • That was all that I wanted. =)
  • The only thing that I never had expected was to tie a knot with Syahmi before my final year in University. Hahaha. I did not secretly plan that out when I was 12 okay~ =p
  • Thank you dear friend for visiting. Enjoy the token you got yourself too! JazakAllah Khayr. 
The city of a city of a city. 

  • I never allow myself to have the thoughts of having negative life. I have been planning my life since the year 1998 ie. when I was 12 year-old. I did share a few with my siblings, my cousin Yo, my late sahabat Ayu, und my parents. Since I am now married without kids, I do share with my husband. 
  • I admit that not everything goes out as planned aber I always believe that Allah s.w.t. has been giving me the things I need, well sometimes the things I want which I actually need. Get what I mean? =D 
  • I am still in the midst of training my mind to stay positive. I learn from other people aber little from books. Some people might see me as someone who is quite serious, well I do take things seriously aber not all the time und not to all jokes. Haha. 

The guy in sarong who is still a boy at home.
Love you both. 

  • I always tell my friends und relatives that they are welcome to my abode at anytime und don't have to wait for a tea party invitation. Because no matter what, there will be drinks food served und it will turn out just like a party minus balloons und celebration cake. 
  • =)


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