BuhLad and Doughnut

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Butterflies were in my stomach aber how on earth did they get in? This was all because of the needle und buhlad (blood). 

Fresh basil from the garden.
Instead of making basil bruschetta, you can have basil
in your cekodok ikan bilis oder any cekodok too.
I tried it once, it turned out good =)
Oh I even put basil in my sweet and sour (orange) fish.

  • Husband came home early yesterday to take me to Clinicpath for my second blood test. I tried so hard to be cool, calm und collected aber the second that particular lady touched my arm, my cool sense went haywire. 
Ayla: Bismillahirahmanirrahim..bibi bibi 
Syahmi: Belum lagi b. Dia baru nak ukur.
Ayla: Ukur? Bibi nanti kita beli doughnuts ok. Bibi belikan I doughnuts.
Syahmi: Ok. Nanti kita beli. Oooh sakitnya you pegang tangan I.
Ayla: (selawat) then bibiiii...

  • I knew the Indian lady was all smiley und tried not to giggle oder laugh at me. Out of all things, I was thinking about doughnuts?! Doughnuts! The last time I had it was last year if I'm not mistaken.
  • Yes, it was just the process of extracting blood from my left arm aber I felt like going through a minor surgery @_@
  • Und for my husband to say that the lady was measuring my arm, it was quite funny of him. I was just scared aber still able to think straight. Bah!
Butir nangka. 

  • So we went to Big Apple after Isya' to get some doughnuts. Aber we were too late. Only eleven doughnuts were left und all of same flavour. I did ask whether they are letting go at a tong tong price since they want to get rid of those eleven doughnuts before they pack their bags und leave. So one of the two guys said sort of like this, "Ok.. 6 pieces for 12 ringgit. Normal price RM13.50 (if I'm not mistaken)" 
  • Since we won't be able to consume more than a doughnut each und knowing that chilled doughnuts don't taste as good, we said no to that offer. So we walked to the nearest bakery und I saw a rack of "Buy 1 Free 1" pastries und doughnuts!
Syahmi: Boss, ni buat bila?
Bakery guy: Ini semua buat hari ini. Semua nak kasi habis sekarang. 

  • We all know that most iced doughnuts in local bakery are not as tasty as the ones in Krispy Kreme (my favorite) und any other doughnuts outlets aber since I really felt like having one, my husband took two since it was Buy 1 Free 1 remember? Haha. Furthermore it had been ages since I last consumed a doughnut. 
  • Oh my... husband's chocolate doughnut was a bit salty und mine was not exciting at all. I ended up only eating half of it und had the rest stored in the refrigerator. Burrr~ 
  • Anyway, due to us went out late, we managed to get today's breakfast at half price too. Yippee! =) 
So husband has an egg tart und cheese bread for breakfast today.
Instead of paying RM12 plus plus, we paid RM6 plus plus only.
Aber I do not recommend you lot the doughnuts. Nicht gut. Not good.  
  • I haven't tried the egg tart. Will ask husband later.    


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