It Doesn't Come Just Like That

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

The feeling of joy und happiness don't come that easy if we ourselves are being negative. If we don't smile, people don't fancy to come near us. If we don't speak beautiful words, people don't dare to chat with us. Self check. Importan-te!

Slurrppp! We had this for snack on last Friday.
Husband managed to finish this half watermelon all by himself.
  • There are times when horrible experience comes playing in my mind. Out of the sudden. It is not something that I wish to remember, aber when a specific word triggers, it comes playing like reality doesn't exist. 
  • If I choose to allow it continue mingling in my mind, I will definitely be at my worst. Husband would instantly notice it. 
  • Yes, he knows. 
  • Aber Allah knows best. 

The lady who likes to bake aber do not know the exact ingredients und method.
Hahahaha =D
I simply mixed what ever I had in the kitchen to make some muffins.
The result: extra puffy here und there! 

  • I am sure all of us have some events that we don't wish to remember. Und like I said a few times before, it is our choice to remember oder to forget. We are indeed responsible upon ourselves. No one else. 
  • Allah s.w.t. does not allow us to deliberately hurt others (without any valid reasoning). Those who do good will definitely get to taste their fruits aber those who choose to hurt others, they will not feel at ease. Nothing they do will satisfy their needs. 
  • Syaitan whisper. They are everywhere. Aber we shouldn't abide to their whispers. Their sick filthy serenade. We have the akal to think und Allah to help us at all time. So why do we bow to the Syaitan? 
  • Yes, we choose to think what ever we want und Syaitan likes to rub salt into our wounds. Aber we are definitely smarter than Syaitan. So get our Doas ready und  fight!
"Tidak ada Tuhan yang sebenarnya disembah melainkan engkau, ya Allah. Maha Suci engkau, sesungguhnya aku adalah dari orang yang membuat zalim." Surah Al-Anbiyak : Ayat 87  (Doa Nabi Yunus)
I never thought that they would mail me this from negeri Cik Siti Wan Kembang.
Nak? =D

  • Allah's Paradise is not for everyone. It is so exceptional, phenomenal, divine... I don't know a single word that can really describe Jannah. Aber I'm sure Muslims know what we need to do to be able to have a place in Allah's Paradise. 
  • Lets not wait any longer. Get back on our feet, carry our good deeds with us with a sincere smile und start walking.
  • We shouldn't have time to find fault of others.
  • We barely have time for self reflection! 


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