Lari! Lari!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Most people tend to be more patient when they are in Tanah Haram. Both Madinah und Mekah. Alhamdulillah. Und they would run to the Masjid for Jemaah prayers. MasyaAllah. In previous Ramadhan, I guess thousands had to solat on the stairs. I was one of them =)

See the two girls sat quietly while the ladies performing Maghrib prayer on their last raka'at?
Cute! Oh und spot the two guards in blue? 

  • Alhamdulillah we managed to listen to Hikmah 57 in Masjid Negeri aber I am not going to share the notes I typed today. As usual, I brought dinner together with us aber I did not prepare the food myself. I packed chicken burgers from KFC und some wedges minus the fizzy drinks. I also packed some yellow watermelon for starter oder snacking (to be eaten right after kuliah) aber the watermelon chunk were only consumed once we reached home. We arrived late thus no time to enjoy the two course meal!
  • After having dinner in our little "Maserati" (yes, I would love to imagine our ride is as cool as a Maserati. hehe), Syahmi dashed (ran) into the Masjid. I could see another one oder two other guys ran behind him as well. Oh how they reminded me of Tanah Haram where people literally run to be able to perform solat together with the Imam. 
O children of Adam! Take your adornment whenever you go to the masjid (mosque) and eat and drink and do not cross the limit. Undoubtedly, the persons crossing the limit are not liked by Him. -AlQuran 7:31
  • While having dinner, we observed people around us. There was a group of young adults (male) came out from a car wearing sarongs und jubah. They seemed very cheerful with smiles und laughter while waiting for their other friend changing attire behind the car. Sanggup =)
  • I even made rough calculation on the number of turnouts compared to the number of residents within the Masjid vicinity. Oh last week, we even had friends who drove all the way from Bangi for the kuliah. Syabas. May Allah reward you lot with happiness. 
  • Aber we did not meet in the Masjid. Got to know through text messages. Allah knows what's best. 
Thank you Skype. Aber can someone please invent something that
allows me to kiss these two munchkins thru video call? Haha!
Their Tok Mama whatsapp me this photo. Albanna the chitty chatty boy.
Und Alayoubi the shy one.
  • Quite a few times Dr. Zulkifli shared with all of us the hikmah behind every steps we make to go to Masjid. I should have typed the points aber I didn't.  
  • I myself don't perform prayers in Masjid on a daily basis. Well, depends on the activities we are having at night, after husband comes home from work. If he has night meetings oder we need to get something before stores close und et cetera, then we would perform solat elsewhere oder just at home together before leaving the house. Sometimes I would just follow my husband to the surau next to our guard house. 
  • I really need to improve on the number of visits I make to the Masjid. I really do T_T
  • May Allah s.w.t. guide all of us. 


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