Macam Macam Alasan Lah Kau Ni

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

If we don't know how to be kind und polite, don't act like we do. Learn from the experts. Analyze the way they think, speak und interact with other people. We have to stop giving excuses such as, "I was brought up without sisters...".... "My parents taught me this way.."... We are over twenty und some reaching eighty, no excuses are valid at this point onwards. So lets learn, together! 

Goji berries. Aunty Lisa gave me this together with Chinese dates.
She taught me a simple soup to be made with these ingredients. 

  • I received a phone call from London yesterday. Yes, it was from bapak. Alhamdulillah, both bapak und aunty are doing very well. In fact, they are enjoying the England berries und such! 
  • Albanna cried at the house main door, he wanted to send his grandparents to the airport aber that didn't happen. Albanna is easily attached to other people aber not his sister Alayoubi. 
Cheeky Albanna in car with his grandparents who came to stay with him und
Alayoubi for a few days. Yes, without Aunty Ayla T_T
  • Nowadays, there are so many child enrichment centre und play group for kids. I wonder how parents make decision to which centre they will send their kids to. Do words such as 'Caliph' oder 'Alim' oder 'Raudhah' catch their attention oder best educators as their top priority?
  • I am aware that people want their kids to be able to recite Al-Fatihah und at the same time speak fluent English. So they resort to English base Islamic kindergarten. Good effort aber it should not just end there. 
  • We all know that everything starts from home. Be it from making babies und to nurturing them. Parents are accountable for their kids behaviour. Yes parents aber not just mothers. 
  • If a kid sees his father smokes, the probability of him thinking that smoking is 'OK' is higher than those with non-smoking fathers. Thus is it fair for parents to send their kids to Maahad Muhammadiah aber when the kids are at home, they see their parents are not implementing good values as what they have learned at school. 
Chuck the ingredients as in photo into a pot with water and a bit of chicken stock.
Since I was fasting yesterday, I didn't want to drink plain soup so
I added some sawi und so-oon.
From top left: Goji berries, Chinese dates, ginger, onions (best with shallots)
Let it simmer for at least 30 minutes before adding the greens und so-oon.

  • It is encourage-able to send our kids to great school aber it is not advisable if we don't enriched ourselves with Islamic virtues. Sort of saying, it is unfair for the kids.

  • My parents used to send me to an ABIM kindergarten. I had to wear light green hijab und it was compulsory. Back then, I didn't know that muslim women are obliged to cover their hair up until chest. I always regard my hijab as part of school uniform. 
  • Basically, I didn't bother. I was five! 
  • Well, I shouldn't have given such excuse right. A five year old Palestinian knows the Al-Quran from cover to cover aber I wasn't! 
  • I am still in the midst of training myself to not let excuses revolve around me. 
  • I know, with excuses, nothing ever gets done.
Tadaa! Simple, healthy und delicious vege soup.


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