Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

One of the elements to enhance Taqwa is Moraqabah (watching over oneself). Observing our actions, being on guard of what we do, and feeling that Allah is with us all the time are very important and help us to always behave in the right way. Allah reminds us to be aware of His presence and His awareness of what we do all the time to help us be alert and observe what we do regularly - Blissful Marriage : Drs Ekram and M. Rida Beshir

Kak Lin! Where did you get your outfit? Mind sharing? hehe
My cousins. Love them. As you lot know that I do learn from others,
these people have been pumping positive attributes in me. Alhamdulillah.
I also remember kak Mimi (far left) came to visit us in England back in 1997.
We went to Warwick Castle (if I'm not mistaken), just the two of us. =D 

  • After having luscious dinner I was forced (exaggerative. well, not wanting him to cry, I decided to go. hahaha) to come with Syahmi to his meeting place about 36km plus plus away from home. While he was having discussions or what nots, I waited in the prayer room. 
  • There were five lady students studying und memorizing notes. I guess they were preparing for examinations. I was playing Block Puzzle on tab when I got to hear one of the lady read out loud in Arabic. 
  • Woah! I didn't understand a single word! Aber somehow I enjoyed listening to her reading in Arabic. 
He is aware of the most stealthy glance, and of all that the hearts would conceal. (Q40, V19)
  • I really felt like going back to school und read Usuluddin. Nice, the students got me motivated at 10:15pm, when I really felt like dozing off. -_-
Yours truly did an experiment with her pills. Hahahahaha.
I submerged two types of pills in vinegar.
I used a chipped glass. Going to chuck the whole thing into a bin.
Don't worry. I'm not going to serve you mango drink in that experiment glass.

  • There was this one time, I was having a sandwich at the office lounge while Syahmi was in a discussion room on the same floor when Nik Abduh Nik Mat walked in und our eyes met. 
  • Boleh kan... I looked at him for quite awhile und we exchanged smiles. Who ever thought that this man had to see me busy chewing a sandwich. Once he walked past me, I quickly texted Syahmi. Aber no reply. Ok fine. Apa dia heran ye dak. Haha. I je jakun lebih kan. Haha. Nahh..Syahmi was busy discussing. Very busy indeed. 
And whether you keep your sayings secret or state them openly, He has full knowledge indeed of all that is in your hearts - (Q67, V13)

  • I never thought that I have to literally be Syahmi's 'backbone', to follow him almost where ever he goes. Sometimes people do mistaken me to be part of their team therefore I prefer not to mingle around with them before or after their meetings. 
  • I used to wonder whether I'm doing the right thing oder not. Aber my husband confirmed it. Alhamdulilllah. 
  • When ever a husband is having a wonderful feeling, the wife should take sometime to rejoice. Yeah?
  • =)
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