Smart Alec

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Mungkin Cina yang kurang pandai pun berasa megah kerana Melayu masih takut akan Cina kerana dikatakan Cina sentiasa lebih pandai dan maju dari Melayu. Kesian Melayu Melayu ni. Walhal Cina sama saja. Mereka Cina (kebanyakan bukan Muslim) kaya lebih kerana tiada dosa pahala yang dihiraukan. Asalkan duit masuk berkepuk kepuk, rasuah tak rasuah judi tak judi mereka sapu. Therefore if you want to be rich, in most events, you do not have to know the law of physics. 

Inspecting the architecture.

  • There is no Chinese in my bloodline aber my husband's paternal great grandfather came from Mainland China. I just got to know about it a few months before we got married. Well, it was und still not an issue for me. Aber it was an issue (I suppose) to someone that he was about to marry a Kelantanese.
  • Jeng jeng jeng
  • It was not that obvious for us as I was brought up by a Johorian und have been living in the city since I was two months old. After deliberation, I guess there is no valid reason for someone to judge me for being a typical Kelantanese. 
  • What is a typical Kelantanese like anyway that others are so afraid of? Mind telling me?
When will you come to Tok Mama's Albanna?

  • I realize that these two issues are what most Malay Muslims are afraid of. Maybe it is a pass down thinggy und influence from parents. 
  • I made friends with Malaysian Chinese und China Chinese back in university und I realize that we are all the same! Some did economics also had troubles with their course works while some did finance, engineering et cetera also faced the same problem. These chinese were not top scorers. Aber there was one Malaysian Chinese who managed to maintain excellent results through out his years in Southampton. Standard lah! Melayu Muslims pun ada yang top scorer juga. 
  • Do not blame our kids for not being as smart as certain Chinese (don't forget that Malays are smart too) und do not show hatred against the Kelantanese. 
  • These negative attributes are not helping in achieving unity.
  • There are ways that you wouldn't want to be involved to become bloody rich. So lets just focus on what we are doing rather than discriminating races und ethnics. 
  • That kind of attitude is just too shallow. 

CHeck these new arrivals (purses) out at

  • The real question is not about because they are Chinese aber I believe that if these Chinese especially the tycoons learn, understand und embrace Islam as a whole, I reckon that the Malays paradigm will shift at least 180 degrees. 
  • Remember, we can't change our race but we are able to change religion.


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