When Everything Is Ok, Believe It's Not

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I don't fancy (fancy but not hate) the corporate world. I choose not to involve. I always pray that my husband won't be invited to such annual dinner oder corporate dinner what nots. I bet 90% of those who attend exclusive dinner can't afford to pay for their family such lavish treat. Und 80% of them, might not know what black truffle is. 

Whenever I'm not at my best, I will browse through photos of you und Albanna.
Love both of you to bits. 

  • I am not being ridiculous aber I'm trying to be as sensible as I can. We copy what the westerns do. I really mean it, a lot. 
  • When the Americans und English have proms, we would then bring that culture into our schools und universities. When we see others wearing bikinis und sun bathing by the beach, we admire that und get a pair of colorful bikinis und start wearing in public while relaxing along the Phuket beach.
  • What is wrong with Malay Muslims? What is wrong with us? We know aber we don't bother. 
  • What others are having is always more enticing than the ones written in the Al-Quran. 
  • It is encouraged to introduce positive culture und habits into the society aber not the negative ones und those against Syarak. Lets together remember this. 

Asal kemaksiatan bukan kerana tidak tahu, tetapi kerana redha dengan nafsu. - Dr. Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri.

  • I found a book while waiting for husband to complete Maghrib prayer in a Musolla. A basic book in Bahasa Malaysia. I browsed through und read the section about Taubat. I managed to capture two pages und sharing the juices below:

Tiga faktor utama yang menyebabkan seseorang itu melakukan kesalahan dan dosa (taken from a book which I will put the reference later):
  1. Watak yang lemah (daif) untuk melawan godaan syaitan, kecuali mereka yang ikhlas dengan agama.
  2. Kecenderungan (naluri) manusia merasakan kesenangan sehingga kadang-kadang keinginan dan hawa nafsu mengalahkan pertimbangan akal. 
  3. Manusia selalu terkepung oleh keadaan yang dapat membawanya kepada pelanggaran undang-undang ilahi, dalam keadaan mana syaitan memainkan peranan aktif menuggu peluang yang tepat untuk menjerumuskan bani Adam
  •  I am just like you. I make mistakes aber I am trying not to give excuses. We are responsible upon our actions. There are so many things that we want in Dunya that we tend to forget the purpose of life. 
  • I'm not kidding mate. I am being serious. 
  • I will continue typing later. Aber leaving you lot with this:
The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said that Shaytaan sits on his throne daily and dispatches his agents to work among human beings. One of the agents returns and says that I made a certain person commit a sin, another says I got so and so involved in this offence. Upon listening to all this, Shaytaan says that you have done nothing great. Eventually, one representative comes and says that I saw a husband and wife extremely devoted to each other. I sowed the seeds of enmity between them. On hearing this, Shaytaan becomes happy and embracing his agent says that you have indeed achieved something great. [Mishkat] - taken from Dailyhadith.


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