Wishing You ... ?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I find it very difficult to please others, especially adults und those who are very senior than me. Aber another thing I learn, I must do things to please Allah s.w.t. I know, Allah s.w.t. loves those who do things due to Him, Lillahita'ala. 

  • Happy Birthday dear husband. Wishing you all the best in life. May you become a great husband to your one und only wife, Ayla Johan. 
  • Since no body else hope for you to be a great husband, I do. And I always will since I am 'stuck' with you for the rest of my life (with Allah's will). 
  • Krik krik...

  • What ever it is, husband is always younger than me by age. We are only 10 months apart aber when it comes to year, he is indeed a year younger. No jealousy from me. ;-p
  • I drove him und mama to our celebration place where mama bought everyone lunch und got a whole cake for Syahmi. Danke schon. I myself enjoyed the lunch since my aunts und cousins were there too. Yeay! 
  • Cik Arah went out shopping und lunch y'all! Bravo. Yes, und I got the chance to push her in her new Ferrari. 
  • I even met a friend of mine while waiting to be seated. Alhamdulillah. Friend, if you're reading this, Hi! to you und hubby ;-)
Three sisters shopping y'all!
"Ok kids, go und play hide und seek in between the pants und shirts, now!"
Tunjuk sikit kasut tu =D
The wife of the birthday guy also gets a pair of red leather shoes y'all!
Danke schon babe. Yes, yours truly really needs a new pair of shoes.
The old pair had its' sole torn out due to wear.
Yours truly with Suria fm radio presenter, Ash.
Masa kocik-kocik, we used to sleep on a two seater couch together with Yo.
Can you imagine? Three human sapiens squeezed together on a two seater couch? Sleeping? 
  • I got my husband und mama a ticket each to see a fantastic local composer/song writer/singer performs as their birthday presents. Aber we were gobsmacked to know that the performance had been reschedule. Allah. We were all equally excited before leaving home aber then, we too were equally disappointed with the news.
  • We then headed to my in laws' where we had another round of cake cutting und eating 'contest'. Haha. By Maghrib, we were very full. Alhamdulillah.  
  • Ibu und abah served us pizza, noodle und cake. Danke schon. 
  • Und due to the reschedule show date, we got to pay our relatives a visit. Alhamdulillah. No wonder we were not informed of the postponed show earlier on. We wouldn't have made it to K.L.
Thank you for having lunch with us.
May both of you succeed in life.
Love you both. 

Second celebration on the same day at my in laws'.
Another round of cake! Ting ting ting!
Photo was captured by my mama who came with us to the second celebration.
Do not ask me und Syahmi where were Syahmi's other siblings.
It is for you to find out yourself when ever you meet them. Hehe.
  • I don't let ONLY Birthdays to make people happy oder gather und have surprises. Aber it is nice to celebrate birthdays once in a while. 
  • I have a strange feeling that other people celebrate their birthdays twice a year aber why mine is still once a year? 
  • @_@

    Happy Birthday dear. May you had a wonderful day celebrating your birthday.
    Lets together redeem your birthday present on the new date given.
    Be wise, be smart. Do not let evils control you.
    Temptations are always there und we both know the degree.
    Lets together guard our eyes und nafs as we want His paradise aber not His Dunya. 


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