Apfel und Death

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Our last breath is a secret. I don't even know mine. Knees shiver, whole body sweating when death plays in mind. When the time comes, the most juiciest apfel doesn't look appetizing at all. 

Albanna woke up for sahur. I miss you baby. 

  • I had a full schedule yesterday. Working in the morning then clean our home, did groceries in the noon, came home und cook two dishes for bapak und aunt Lisa (together for us), then drove to KLIA fetching bapak und aunt lisa then back to our home
  • I pray to Allah that somebody is so kind enough to build a special route for lorries so that they don't mess around in ELITE. 
  • By the time Syahmi arrived home, I was quite flat already. Aber I felt very happy for Allah has given me the strength und energy to live day by day. Syukur Allah. 
Ayla: Bibi, masa you kenal I dulu, you tahu tak I macam ni? Was I different?
Syahmi: Tak. Because at school you were serious. 
Ayla: Serious.
Syahmi: Yes, serious. 

  • I am still serious. Well, I do joke around when ever I'm with my family, cousins und close friends. 
Ayla: Bibi, for the first time tadi lady cashier panggil I adik!
Syahmi: Bibi pakai baju apa?
Ayla: Baju kurung green tadi tu.
Syahmi: No wonder. Dia nampak you as budak sekolah pakai baju kurung hijau. Hahaha.
  • Cis. I wanted to pay for bags of apfel (apple) plus other greens when the lady cashier addressed me as 'adik'. I don't get that a lot nowadays. Aber when I do, it creates a warm feeling und I kind of like it. Haha. 

Ikan yang dua dua paling kanan tu dah panjangnya macam belt. 

  • I have a soft spot for those who struggle to make ends meet. Whenever I meet these people, I like to make conversation with them und ask 'sensible' questions. A few days ago I met a mak cik (about the age of my parents) who was selling all sorts of kuih. Our conversation went sort of like this (not to exact words):
Mak cik: ...buka puasa dekat masjid...
Ayla: Oh semalam saya pergi buka di masjid mak cik. Seronok. 
Mak cik: Itulah. Mak cik selalu pergi buka masjid. Dulu setiap hari bulan Ramadhan pergi masjid. Tapi kali ni kena berniaga jadi tak dapat nak berbuka di masjid. Nak suruh dia (pointing at her daughter) jaga seorang tak nak pula. Anak mak cik yang lelaki siap dah awal-awal cakap tak nak jaga jual kuih. Dia cuma tolong angkat meja pasang semua ni lepas tu pergi. 
Ayla: Oh... (I reserved my comments since her daughter was staring at us. Berani betul mak cik ni cerita semua ni depan anak dia. Haha.)

  • From the way that mak cik told me her short story, I don't think that she sells for fun. Most probably she needs the money to support her family. Not like some sellers who sell for fun during Ramadhan. 
  • Aber I am glad that the daughter helped her anyway. 
  • It hits me hard, for I might end up selling apfel to survive oder I might not. We never know what will happen to us. 
  • Our future is another secret, before death comes. 


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