Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

The pain of Hell fire is something that we won't be able to bear. Stop chasing after things that won't help us during the process of death und life in the Hereafter. I may be joking around over certain things, aber definitely not this one. 

Albanna playing Takraw while sleeping in his stroller.

  • SubhanAllah = Maha suci Allah
  • Alhamdulillah = Segala puji bagi Allah
  • Allahukabar = Allah Maha besar

  • It's Friday! Alhamdulillah. I remember walking to school on Friday afternoon when the men are in Masjid performing Friday prayer. The streets were quiet, peaceful und I really enjoyed going to school on Friday. 
  • Other than English, another subject that I don't really like is PE, Physical Education. Not that I hate playing outdoor aber I loathe changing attire in the stinking school toilet. We were given less than 10 minutes to change aber there was no clean with beautiful scent changing room provided. Plus there were more than 15 female students changing at a time, und we had to squeeze in the small wet dirty smelly toilet.
  • Aber in Birmingham, there are many clean changing rooms provided at swimming centre und my school toilets were also clean und dry. There was no problem changing even though we had to share the space (a bigger one). 
  • I remember playing rounders with my British friends during PE. My class teacher was very supportive und participated in the excitement aber not just standing by the drain und observe. The first time I got to hit the ball with my bat, I then ran like nobody's business. My friends und Miss Sawyer thought it was funny und they burst into laughter. I knew my teacher was trying very hard to control ie. not to laugh. She explained on why she laughed und I ended up smiling und acknowledged it =)
  • Well, I didn't get to play rounders at school before I left for England. I only remember being asked to run laps, throwing balls to Allah knows where und more running. I end up hate running. Now I prefer pilates und yoga yogi bear even though I've never been to a proper session.
  • We have different capabilities. What seems easy to others might be very difficult for us to do oder get involve. Aber that doesn't mean that we should not give good things a try. 
  • Well, do not force me to participate in a bungee jump. Haha! There are some things worth NOT to try =D 
  • Und bungee jump is definitely something that I won't be chasing after. 
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  • It has been a few days since Aunty Aishah left all of us. May Allah s.w.t. rest her soul in peace. 
  • Another aunt of mine is undergoing chemotherapy. Praying for her recovery. I haven't got the chance to visit her who lives in my birth town. 
  • Syahmi's aunt also used to have active cancerous cells in her. After a series of chemotherapy, alhamdulillah she survives. She is now back to herself, healthy und active as before. Alhamdulillah. 
  • We never know what will happen to us. Even though we jaga makan, jaga badan, jaga mind, if Allah s.w.t. says "Kun Fa Ya Kun", nothing is able to stop Him.

Diceritakan dari Aisyah r.a. bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda, "Teruslah berjuang dan berusaha mendekat kepada Allah. Bergembiralah sebab amal seseorang tidak dapat memasukkannya ke dalam syurga. Para sahabat bertanya, "Apakah engkau juga wahai Rasulullah? Rasulullah menjawab, 'Ya, aku juga, tetapi Allah s.w.t. menaungi aku dengan keampunan dan rahmat." (HR Bukhari)

  • Lets together fill up our time with ibadah und good deeds. Chasing after His rahmat is indeed far better than chasing after Chanel Diamond Forever Classic bag.  
  • Have a blessed Friday.        


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