Hash Brown und Beans

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

We got married two days after my twenty-third birthday und that was a few days before Ramadhan. Preparing sahur was und still not a challenge as we don't have to have rice with three different lauk. We can simply eat hash browns, beans und sausages. Aber waking up for sahur is quite a nightmare for us =D

Simple yet luscious. Grilled cheese sandwich.
I normally put grilled tomatoes in it aber not this time.
Bibi, I made this last week ya =p

  • We were on our way to visit my in law's cousin whom the husband passed away the night before:
Radio: Erti Ramadhan yang sebenarnya . . . panas...
Ayla: Seperti panasnya terik di padang pasir dan terdapat batu kerikil yang disaluti pasir padang pasir kemudian turunya hujan membasahi batu kerikil itu lalu ia bersih berkilat dan pancarnya cahaya yang sinarnya tidak sanggup dilihat oleh mata manusia. 
Syahmi: Bibi jot down?
Ayla: Yes.
Syahmi (celet thumb)

  • Allah has given me the ability to memorize short stories. Especially the ones that seem to influence me. I allow stored positive messages to advise me during my self reflection moments. Und most of the time, I let songs playing in my head, just like soundtracks in movies. Fefeeeeeling =D
  • So I jot down notes from kuliah Dr. Zulkifli about Ramdhan. Below is what I managed to type in, some words might be missing due to the limitations I had :
Bayangkan jika sekiranya kita berada di padang pasir dan melihat batu kelikir pasir dan apabila kena debu pasir akan berkarat dan berlumut. Kemudian turun hujan yang membasahi bumi menyebabkan batu kerikil bersih kemudian datang cahaya yang terik sehingga batu kerikil itu berkilau memantulkan cahaya bersinar bersih dan tidak mampu dilihat oleh manusia. - Dr. Zulkifli AlBakri

  • I don't know how to explain this, aber I pray that you lot are able to digest this. Perhaps you may want to listen to other ulama' talking about Ramadhan. InsyaAllah. 
The house really needed cleaning.
Akar plant sampai penetrated the walls -_-

  • We went to Melaka last weekend und managed to help my in laws cleaning up Atuk's home. Phew... with Allah's will, we finally got to persuade Ibu to sort out Atuk's clothes; keep the good ones, throw the bad ones und give away the good und unwanted ones. 
  • More than three bags were used. I was gobsmacked to know the amount of clothes und kain pelekat Atuk has. T_T
  • The way I shop is; I will only purchase a blouse if I let go one of my blouses that I have hanging in my closet. If I want to purchase two blouses, then I have to let go two of the ones that I have. If three then three. If four then four. Get what I mean?
  • Und I will give away the ones that I haven't been wearing for a year (excluding wedding dresses und traditional clothing).
  • Indeed, a fruitful weekend. Alhamdulillah. 
Husband promised to treat me Klebang Coconut shake.
So the three of us went for a short 'lepak' at the warong.
As usual, too many people T_T

  • Before we left for KL, husband took me to the beach. After breakfast, we spent about 30 to 40 minutes strolling along the short beach. Unfortunately some people are just too lazy und selfish. There were biji und kulit buah mata kucing, kuaci und other garbage left on the sand. Filthy.
  • I can imagine how dirty their houses are. Yucks. Irresponsible citizens. They deserve to be locked up for littering. 
  • I asked my husband to look out for razor clamps too since he mentioned geoduck. I did look out for small holes where razor clamps might be hiding. Since I did not bring salt with me, there was no point digging out holes. 
Fly away my superman.
Kalau dancer ni dapat high mark. Well structured legs und torso.
Well done bibi.
  • Have a great Ramadhan. Do not worry about what's for Iftar und sahur et cetera. Just prepare simple things. Do not be greedy. Remember to guard our nafs :-)
  • I reckon that you don't waste so much money on Ramadhan buffet. 


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