Rasa Hendak Itu

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Muslim meriwayatkan daripada Abu Hurairah r.a., beliau berkata: "Rasulullah SAW bersabda: " 'Al-Mufarridun bakal mendahului kita.' Para sahabat bertanya: 'Ya Rasulullah SAW, siapakah al-mufarridun itu?' Baginda menjawab: 'Lelaki dan wanita yang banyak berzikir kepadaAllah." - (Rwayat Muslim no.2676) 

Especially to bapak, aunty Lisa, aunty Aisyah und Mr.Josey + family.
This is Azeem with his new hairdo.
To bapak, get well soon. SyafakAllah.
To aunty Lisa, stay out of heavy tasks.
Und to aunty Aisyah, below is a message for you from Azeem.
He requested for me to blog it so that you will be able to read it. InsyaAllah. 
To auntie Aisyah,
Toys Story will always be one of my favourite movies. I really hope we can see each other again, be it here on this earth or the hereafter. Thank you for everything auntie Aisyah. You will forever be in my prayers. I love you. 


The beautiful Alayoubi helping her mom doing some groceries shopping.
Great job girl! MasyaAllah.
Remember, be smart und wise dearest. 

  • To husband: Oh bibi. I feel like having Paella. Shall we get the ingredients tonight? Furthermore we have saffrons in the kitchen cupboard waiting to be used.  
  • We had our first seafood Paella (non-alcohol) in Andalusia, Spain. MasyaAllah. Superb. Some chefs add cooking wine to enhance the flavour aber using halal stock is enough. 
  • Basically you can omit the fish und substitute with other meat aber I like mine with mussels, shrimps, white clamps und scallops. Oh alright, drooling... 
  • My most favourite Malaysian dish to be eaten with buns oder rice is Kuzi. Kuzi needs a lot of shallots. Yes, a lot. Quite tedious to prepare since a large bowl of shallots need to be sliced thinly then fried until golden brown before it can be mixed into a pot with other ingredients. Phew~
  • My least favourite Malaysian dish to be eaten with rice is Lemak Cili Api. I guess it is due to the large amount of coconut milk (santan) used. I am not a big fan of santan und kelapa parut. Aber this DOESN'T mean that I don't und won't eat if it is served to me. I don't like to make a big fuss about food. I eat what is on the table. No problemo. 

Oh Albanna also helping out. MasyaAllah. Alhamdulillah.
Aunty Ayla is indeed a happy aunt =)

  • I realize that some Malaysians are always open for new trends. From outfits to the things they eat. When french macaroon was first introduced to friends, within a month, more than twenty blog shops selling home made macaroons are available online. Which is good in a way since it increases the opportunity for more Malaysians to know what exactly is a french macaroon. 
  • Broaden views with knowledge. 
  • Aber when the hype is gone, macaroon makers start shifting to rainbow cake. No longer selling macaroons und some even might have closed their blog shops.
  • Not that I love macaroons. We were not introduced to macaroon when we visited Paris in the year 1997.  -_- 
  • We were given jambon (ham in French) sandwich instead. T_T Such experience. 
"Ey you people. Do not give up ok. Continue selling, because my aunt
loves seeing you lot working. Remember, strive for keberkatan und rahmat aber not
for Dunya."
  • I enjoy seeing people selling home made food especially in small scale. I believe the quality is more looked after. I hope their businesses sustain. Don't give up too fast, as people like me would love to buy dishes that we don't normally cook at home. 
  • Then the question comes, what dish do I cook at home?
  • Scrambled eggs for dinner! =D Well, my husband requested for it since he had stuffed his belly with rice und sorts during lunch. 
  • The smart husband who eats stuffs that he knows he won't be able to get them at home. 
  • Nice.


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