Rezeki Di Langit

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Ya Allah, jika rezeki masih di langit, turunkanlah, Jika di bumi, keluarkanlah, Jika sukar mudahkanlah, Jika haram sucikanlah, Jika jauh dekatkanlah. 

  • Alhamdulillah. I could see that more of the less fortunate ones are being celebrated in the month of Ramadhan und I believe in other months too. Aber since Raya is in a few days time, these less fortunate children love to receive new clothes und accessories. 
  • We should not question why some people focus more on Syria, Cambodia und Palestine while 'neglecting' the poor in Malaysia. Excuse me, they are not neglecting the Malaysians aber they are reaching further, helping others simultaneously. 
  • Everybody deserves our help regardless of race und religion. 

  • I was still very sleepy when Syahmi woke me up aber I really wanted to go. How can I continue sleeping while the poor find it difficult to sleep every night; thinking about putting food on the table und making sure their kids stay in school?
  • So I went with Syahmi to help shop for the less fortunate people at MYDIN seksyen 18. It was our first time entering that MYDIN, oh boy, the alleys are narrow und very limited space for customers und shopping carts. 
  • Aber I reserved the thoughts to myself since most of the less fortunate kids und parents were very happy to even get a pair of pants from MYDIN. MasyaAllah. 
  • Every two volunteers were assigned with a group of family. Since I am Syahmi's zaujah (wife), we helped a family of five (only three attended) together.  
I am not part of the team aber I am still allowed to help them.
That's the thing I like about this group, you don't have to be a member to be able to help others. 

Some of the receivers.
No one asks for different ability kids aber when Allah s.w.t. sent them to us,
we should not leave them out. They are still humans just that they are special :)

Yes, that is yours truly busy shopping for others. Hahaha.
 I was very excited searching for Baju Kurung for their daughter.
I found one in lavender with black neat detailing. Not bad.  

Yes, the ever so tekun pemegang bakul =)
Syahmi helped in searching for baby's outfit too.

Guy: Ambil lah satu baju.
Lady: Tak apa lah. Beli untuk anak.
Guy: Ambil lah. Ada baju muslimah tak sini?
Lady: Ada tapi kecil.
Guy: Tudung?
Ayla: Ye la kak, cari lah satu tudung. 
Lady: Tudung sini pendek kan.
Ayla: A'ah. Kejap, kak ni labuh. 
Lady: Cantik. Labuh tu. 
Guy: Labuh tak tudung? Kalau singkat tak nak. Jangan ambil. 

  • From the time spent (approximately 2.5 hours) with them, I judged the husband as a loving man und cares so much about his wife und kids. He was very concerned und made sure that what ever they buy is according to the Syariat. 
  • In the end, the wife only got a RM19.90 hijab for herself. From her reaction und tone, I could sense that she was very delighted to own it. Yes, she didn't need to queue for hours to get a piece of expensive Fareeda hijab. 
  • I myself was gobsmacked to know prices of these boutique hijabs. RM200? RM250? I guess, if they are made out of high quality silk with real 0.1 carat diamond(s), probably ok kot with those prices. Aber at the end of the day, accessories are not necessity. Therefore Fareeda has the right to mark up as much as they want.  

The filled shopping cart.
As expected, the most expensive intem in the cart is baby's  milk.
Suprise surprise,  we even got more discounts from Mydin.
If I'm not mistaken about 20% off.

  • This und other entries that are related to voluntary works are not meant for showing off oder berlagak-lagak et cetera. The main reasons why I'm sharing about voluntary work are; to create awareness, to let you know that there are many possible ways to help the needy und in case you are interested in joining, you can contact me at anytime. 
  • InsyaAllah I will inform you (if you are interested) und with Allah's will, you may become a volunteer und help the less fortunate ones.
  • Just like feeding the street, some of us had no idea at all about it und Allah made them stumbled upon my entries on feeding the homeless. Alhamdulillah, with Allah's will, we had new volunteer(s); helped in distributing food for the homeless. 
  • Allah knows our capabilities und what's best for all of us. The ones who fly around the world to help others are indeed capable of facing the challenges that await them in those countries. 
  • We can always start helping other people even at home. Help our parents, siblings then neighbours then relatives, society, nation et cetera. Never too late to start. 

Und we came home with this =)
Mydin staffs gave us volunteers a goodie bag.


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