Satu Kosong

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I was busy sorting out cakes when suddenly mama blurted out a piece of advice:
Mama: Kita jangan only be good to others when we need them to do a favour for us. 
Ayla: (dalam hati sumpah rasa macam, 'Have I done something wrong?')
Mama: I'm just giving you an advice alright. Nothing to do with current situation.
Ayla: (Alhamdulillah. Fuhh.. If not I will leave the cakes behind und start questioning all the WH questions und I will immediately feel uneasy,)

Other different occasion:
Ayla: Aunty, let me help you. Nak buat bawang.
Aunty Lisa : Ayla pergi solat dulu.
Ayla: Ehem malassss (aber I did go und performed Solat. I was indeed very teruk.)
  • I have a few other ladies that I consider them as my second moms. One of them is the arwah Aunty Aishah und another one is Kak Ana, who took care of me und my siblings since the year 1984 until 1995 (plus minus a year or two). Kak Ana has been living in my birth town und we only communicate thru phone calls. 
  • Aber I am blessed with loving parents, understanding step parents und kind parents in law. 
  • Yes, I have been making mistakes; noticeable und unnoticeable. Having my loved ones giving me advices und helping me along the way are two of the important things that I need in life.  
  • Tapi I kalau kena tegur sama Syahmi, mudah rasa sedih. Haha. Katanya cengeng. 
We were walking towards our car when I spotted my MRSM classmate, Hafiz was selling
'palm milk' near our home. I bought a packet of the raw milk und a packet of Hafiz's Air bandung made out of
this palm milk instead of normal evaporated milk which is also made out of palm oil. Do you know that? Hehe. 

  • Speaking of advice, I told Syahmi last night that I want to blog about managing money for a beginner. Especially to those who just started working. 
  • I notice that there are abundance of BMWs on the road nowadays. I don't want to raise the question on how do these people can afford such continental cars because I know a few/some/many of them had their own tricks into owning one. Yes, you don't have to earn more than RM15k to own a luxurious car nowadays. 
  • First few months dapat gaji, ramai excited. Expensive cars yang terpampang dalam kepala. Contoh yang baru start kerja (tiada kena mengena dengan saya. suami atau sesiapa saja. Ini cuma contoh.); lepas tolak EPF und SOCSO you're left with RM4000. Sangka cukup nak beli VW Polo GTI. So bayar down payment 10%, RM17000 (pinjam duit mak pak RM12k sebab dalam pocket ada RM5k saja) then bayar bulan bulan RM1650 for 9 years. Dah tu pinjam RM12k tu kena bayar pula, kurang-kurang RM200 sebulan bayar mak pak. Jadi for car, habis RM1850. Tak masuk fuel and tol lagi. Sebulan tol RM160 and fuel RM300. Masuk pula duit makan. Sehari RM15 paling murah lah termasuk breakfast, lunch und dinner (average RM5 per meal). Sebulan habis RM450. Lepas tu ada yang beli takaful, paling paling RM100 sebulan. Hadiah utk mak pak RM100 seorang, then beli barang keperluan dan juga shopping yang tak munasabah bila tengok kawan ada itu dia pun nak ada, RM500. Duit yang tinggal RM440. Simpan untuk masa depan RM300, now left with RM140. Sampai end of the month, diam. Masuk bulan baru, pergi hangout di restaurant, chit chat tentang "Rumah super mahal. Aku pun tak mampu beli."  
  • It is true, rumah memang super mahal di Klang Valley, Penang und Kota Kinabalu.
"Whyyyyy oh whyyyyyy...I don't want to buy a car...I just want to perform Tarawih prayer oh Aunty Ayla", Albanna whining. Hahahaha. Such funny facial expression dearest!

  • Jeng jeng jeng. There is a way for you to own a house aber you need to trade with something else. If we were to reconstruct the above financial 'statement', the first thing I reckon you lot do is to take out the VW Polo GTI. Do not exchange it VW Polo! Aber go for something that is way cheaper for a start. 
  • You see why, the value of property (house) increases by time aber NOT cars. If you were to spend a chunk of your salary on an expensive car, it will take you years und years to be able to own a home. What sort of a house will you be able to get with the remaining RM140?  
  • Ok now lets exchange the VW Polo GTI with Proton Saga Executive CVT 1.6. Fine fine! We all know that most Proton cars have poor power window aber remember, NOT all. For a start, high variant saga has dual air-bag same goes to Polo GTI eyh? Und it also has ABS-EBD. Und with 9 years loan duration, you just need to pay RM505 per month! Furthermore, you don't need to borrow an extra of RM12k from your parents ;-) I know I know. We all want to drive continental cars aber be patient. The time will come insyaAllah. With Allah's will. 
  • Aber I still reckon that you lot reduce the loan duration for cars. Lets say if you take 7 years, you need to pay RM619 aber if you take 6 years, you need to pay RM704. Remember, THE LONGER THE TERM, THE BANK WILL MAKE MORE PROFIT (as according to Syahmi). So just imagine on the total amount you have to pay. If you settle with 7 years, you have an extra of RM1371 instead of just RM140! Now do you get what I mean?
  • Cut down on your nonsense expenditure by RM300 then you have RM1671. Now you can easily scout for a house within RM200k - RM250k. Down payment of RM20k (from savings/bonus/scout yourself) Which then you might need to pay around RM1000 - RM1200 per month. The remaining RM471, you can put aside for servicing car, insurance und other commitments.   
  • Don't worry! Good car is coming your way. 
  • By the end of your fifth year of working, you might have an extra of RM1000 to RM1500 of your salary per month. From there you can decide whether to keep the Saga und get a great wife, oder to change it to a better car, oder change to a better car und get a great wife ;-)
  • At least you already have a home which we know that the value increases by time ;-) The price of your home will no longer be RM200k 5 years later. It might reach up to RM400k when you only get RM1000 raise (salary) after 5 years of working. The gap is ridiculous eyh. 
  • Now, do you get what I mean?
Remember, regardless of how much we are making, do not forget to pay Zakat.

  • These are merely my opinions. I might be wrong here und there. Like I said before, I always encourage my husband to reduce the amount of debt where und when possible. 


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