Strength To Move On

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Beautiful memories und loved ones are strengths. Strengths are channeled through them by Allah s.w.t. Do not take them lightly. 

Finally Syahmi got to inspect Sabah's rail track.
Bapak brought us to a Ramadhan Bazzar next to the rail track.  
  • Syahmi came home und blurted out the idea of spending some time with his in laws in Kota Kinabalu. Since non of us is working 'for' MAS, therefore there is no such thing as a free fare. So we did google for Malindo at first since Syahmi wanted to try the new airline aber nothing suits us. Due to his short leave from work, traveling period was already fixed. So Syahmi settled with MAS instead. Plus the total fare was very reasonable. Alhamdulillah. 
  • KUL to BKI, We had to break our fast with the meals served on board. 
Male Air Attendant: Chicken kuzi with nasi tomato or fish with black bean.
Ayla: Chicken please. 

  • Wey wey wey, did I hear that right? Chicken kuzi? My favorite! Aber I told myself not to expect something toothsome as I had gazillion experience (alright, I'm exaggerating. Not as many as bapak's. haha!) with airline meals. I don't know why. I always have difficulty in swallowing in-flight meals. Aber I don't mind the chocolates. 
  • So yes, I didn't like the chicken kuzi at all. At all. I only consumed the rice aber not the chicken und acar. Alhamdulillah Syahmi managed to help me out with the chicken. Again, another disappointing in-flight meal. 
Mango und Salak
Local produce. Fresh pucuk paku.
Aunt lisa prepared this for iftar together with her home made chicken kuzi!
  • Little did I know that bapak und aunt Lisa had planned to prepare / cook chicken kuzi. MasyaAllah, such a reward for only eating rice on board. So the second day, Syahmi und I followed aunt Lisa to Pasar Tamu to get some vegetables und more chicken for kuzi.
  • Yes yes yes. Kuzi is one of my favorite dishes to be eaten with plain rice. Yes, I had mentioned this in older entry. Hafal. 
  • So both of us helped a little (since aunt Lisa said nothing much to do) by slicing onions, peeling potatoes, removing pucuk paku stalks und singing M.Nasir's songs to keep aunt Lisa going in the kitchen. Aber our vocals didn't last that long though. Haha.
  • Alright, no photo of aunt Lisa chicken kuzi is available for public viewing. Afterall, it's Ramadhan. I don't want you lot to drool over it. =p

Bapak's car turned into Zara soy sauce lorry. 

Boss, sleeping?

  • The night before we left for home, bapak brought all of us to Damai for its' famous white bread, Roti Kawin. The bread is super soft und one can simply have it used as a facial cotton. =D
  • You can have it with half boiled egg other than normal kaya butter und other spreads. Mind you, the butter is about 3 - 4mm in thickness. Woah. I thought it was a slice of cheddar cheese in between the two slices. Haha. "Wah.. they eat cheese with kaya." Aber I was wrong. 
  • Who in Malaysia would serve a slice of good quality 3mm thick cheddar cheese at below RM1.00? Haiyah. 
  • We have cows aber not enough to cater for the demand of meat, milk und other dairy products in Malaysia thus we import from New Zealand, Australia und India. Erm, where are you more cows? Have you lot turned into someone's Mercedes und luxurious abode? 

See the yellow bit in between Syahmi's two slices of bread?
Yeah, that is the cold butter. 

Soft facial pads =D Nyums! 

  • Well, the visit is not about makan makan. Aunt lisa is doing very well despite the cramps due to lack of water consumption (oh she googled about it). While bapak is getting better from his illness. Alhamdulillah. 
  • I enjoyed my stay there und sahur seemed like iftar; everyone was quite energetic. I remember we rushed back from Tarawih to beat the bad traffic, jemaah prayer first before we stuffed ourselves with aunt Lisa's chicken kuzi, we 'camped' in aunt Lisa's room to watch Jurassic Park (I ended up being chased by the dinosaurs alone as one by one dozed off), und somebody bought too much Air Kelapa that another packet was left unopened in the refrigerator. Haha. 
  • Too short for a 'balik kampung' (as according to Syahmi) aber alhamdulillah, we managed to be together in the month of Ramadhan. Something that doesn't happen that often. 
  • Syukur Allah.

Satu Timor Leste satu Bugis.
Gurau gurau! =D
Salam Ramadhan!


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