The Way It Goes

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

The past few months I had been reminding you lot und myself on how important it is to guard our nafs und for us to not two timing our partner. Not that I will not talk about this anymore, aber I'm taking a short break. For another lady to simply call someone else's husband 'abang~', is unacceptable. For one day he will realize that another man is waiting to call his wife ' my precious'. 
To those of you who are in this situation, hold on for quite a bit, make Doa, pray to Allah s.w.t. und leave the rest to Him. 

I throw oder burn things that leave negative impact.
Do not keep the things you don't need.
I am indeed missing Mekah. T_T

Abdullah ibn Umar reported: I heard the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, say, “Verily, the people are like camels. Out of one hundred you will hardly find one suitable to ride.”
Source: Sahih Bukhari 6133, Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Al-Bukhari
Al-Khattabi said, “Most of the people have deficiencies and the people of virtue are very few in number.”
Source: Fath ul-Bari
  • I finally got to perform prayers on the second level in Masjid Negeri. Aber the lights were dimmed, not good for my eyes. I was like a 'jakun', analyzing the huge dome und chandeliers. Thinking it would be way better if the chandeliers were fixed two feet higher than their current respective positions. 
  • There was no kuliah on kitab Al-Hikam aber Dr. Zulkifli talked about the beauty of Ramadhan. Yes, Ramadhan is just a few days away. I guess some of us are already in Tanah Haram waiting to celebrate the month of Ramadhan. I remember fasting in Tanah Haram last year. We arrived on the 1st Ramadhan just minutes before azan und had to break our fast in the transit coach, Jeddah. 
  • To some, Ramadhan means nothing aber to many of us Muslims, it is the month that we've been waiting for through out the year. The only month where Masjids in Malaysia will be filled with more than two saf(s) for Isya' und Tarawih prayers. Most Malaysian Muslims don't go to Masjid that often. I know it is really embarrassing. I know. I bet you lot too. 
  • I myself need to improve on the number of visit to Masjid.   
Bibi, ramyun......

  • Usually a gang of mak ciks with the same type of 'telekung' will hijack the first saf. They will put all their bags, purses, keys et cetera to let the world know that, "These seats are ours. So back off." Haha. So cute of them. I always wonder what time do they come to the masjid for Maghrib to be able to reserve their seats. 
  • Bravo mak ciks. Bravo.
  • While little boys will sit together at the back of the men's saf(s) to listen to the talk on religious subject oder to whisper to each other then end up giggling. 
  • On last Wednesday I witnessed a little boy literally rolled his body on the carpet from one spot to the other just like the Hindustani heros do. Haha. 
  • Oh life. =)

Takdenya yours truly nak hantar kereta dekat "Car Saloon" bagai.
Sini cukup. Puas 3-4 orang lap satu kereta. =D
Saban hari yours truly memikirkan tentang peluang pekerjaan yang ada di Dunya.
Semalam pergi ke post office bertanya tentang having an account with Poslaju.
I still prefer to have my younger brother do all the mailing.
At least he has extra $. He was away for quite a long time aber yesterday
he followed me to the post office. Ey boy, want to continue your old job?
wink wink.

Fatimah bint Qais reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said to me, “When you are lawful for marriage, then call for me.” So she called for him when she received proposals from Mu’awiyah ibn Abu Sufyan, Abu Al-Jahm, and Usama ibn Zaid. The Messenger of Allah said, “As for Mu’awiyah, then he is a poor man without any wealth (and cannot provide for you), and as for Abu Al-Jahm, he frequently beats women; rather, you should choose Usama.” She gestured with her hand saying that she did not want to marry Usama, but the Messenger of Allah said to her, “Obedience to Allah and His Messenger is better for you.” So she married Usama and she was envied by others.
Source: Musnad Ahmad 26779; Sahih Muslim 1480
Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Imam Muslim

  • With Allah's will, I got to know a few people around my age who had und have been flirting around with someone else's husband oder wife. I used to ask, "What on earth were they thinking? Don't they have anything better to do? Don't they understand their responsibilities towards their family, nation und Allah?" 
  • Aber now I no longer ask those rhetorical questions. It usually relates to Hidayah, nafs, Iman und Ilmu. 
  • If you're one of them und are reading this, please don't say that others don't understand your situation. What kind of understanding that you would like others to grasp? 
  • Allah s.w.t. has given all of us our own beauty for us to guard und embrace aber not to reveal for attention. This is when Ilmu surpasses everything that we have. 
  • Istighfar, apologize to the ones you hurt, mingle with the right people und start seeking for Ilmu. 
  • Life is not about being in love with other human-sapiens. You'll be gobsmacked when you finally get to know the purpose of life. 
  • Remember, patience is not only applicable when we are in anger. 
malaslah nak cakap.


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