Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I am really afraid of getting hurt for the same reason. From experience, 'pisang really berbuah more than once'. If one decides to do it once, one can do it many times. I have been trying to avoid revenge. May Allah always be with me. Und at the moment, I'm trying to channel the 'afraid of getting hurt' to to have full dependence on Allah s.w.t. Definitely not an easy task. 
We were a bit late und when we arrived, the small mosque near Atuk's was already full.
I had to perform Solat outside near this kubur. 

  • Alhamdulillah. Finally I'm back from the long break. It's good to be back, typing. We received guests (both planned und unplanned) for two days in a row und alhamdulillah everything went well. Thank you very much for visiting und may the ukhuwah remains.

I'm unsure why they keep this dirty well in the Masjid. 

  • Raya celebration was alright. Aber it was quite tiring for me, had to move about to different places each day, constantly packed und unpacked our suitcase. As usual, rendang ketupat lemang were served und I really enjoyed the people und food. 
  • For this Raya, my mother in law generously bought me two sets of fabric. Such a big help since I myself did not make the effort to Gulatis oder what nots. Und my biological mom insisted to get me the pricey bling bling dainty flowy baju kurung aber I had to say, "No, but thank you ma." Aber she managed to get me a very comfortable blouse. I like! 
  • I trained myself not to get so emotional when ever I am away from my parents during 1st Syawal. I don't like to get all teary during phone calls. Aber that does not mean I am not embracing the moments. That's just me. Normally I get teared up when I'm physically und emotionally HURT.
  • I got to celebrate the 1st Syawal with Syahmi's grandfather ie. Atuk. Aber Atuk was  quiet und from the look on his face, he was not that excited. Maybe it was due to his poor health und being wheelchair bounded. Nothing was able to make him smile. Not the food, not the drinks und not the people around him. Aber I hope he felt happy inside, seeing all of his children und most of his grandchildren were there in his home.
  • The last time I met my grandfather was in the year 1996, a few weeks before I left for England. The tough handsome fine built man took the four of us (mama, mr.josey, mr. azeem und I) to a market in Kota Bharu. Und I still remember him waving goodbye at the gates. Those were the last few memories I had with/about him before he passed away in the year 1997. He was always in good shape whenever I visited him oder when he came to visit us in Oobang. 
To mama und abah, these are the nourishment that your daughter had on 1st Syawal minus lemang.
I'm not a big fan of lemang. 

  • Raya was so fun back then when I was a kid. Yeah, no problems to worry. Raya was about playing with my cousins, go to the shop with cousins, eating with my cousins (not so much about food) und dressing up beautifully for Raya. 
  • Aber now things changed. 
  • Und I have changed, into a fierce no mercy lady. Muahahaha!
  • I wonder what und how parents nowadays explain to their kids about 1st Syawal. Oder they don't? 

With my in laws und Atuk.

  • I really miss Ramadhan. I really do. Do you?
  • I noticed that people were extra kind und behaved during Ramadhan compared to other months. Hehe. Well we should try to istiqamah in doing good things right? Not just in the month of Ramadhan. May Allah s.w.t. grant us the will to do so. 

 I am back in the office und available on The Sale Update chat until Zuhur insyaAllah. Kring kring! Informing you lot that Clarks mushroom sold out lagi cuma I belum sempat update The Sale. Will do so nanti insyaAllah. 


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