Every Start Has Its End

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I loathed to study when I was in HIGH SCHOOL. I preferred writing my own version of short stories during preparation classes than memorizing molecular chains und reactions oder reading history. Aber this doesn't mean I hate to study und seek knowledge. That was just when I was in high school. 

Has anyone had any experience driving the expensive version of Tata?

  • My life in Dunya started in the year 1986. A lot had happened in that year as according to mama aber being a baby, I was definitely oblivious of my own surroundings. 
  • I still remember on how strict my parents were when it comes to education. Both my elder brother und I were not even allowed to bring home Bs. Aber my brother being the brighter one, he always brought home distinctions. While I on the other hand, brought home paintings, colours und songs. I remember that well.
  • We are siblings, blood related aber we are different; we have different attributes und different ways in managing our lives. No matter what, we are indeed close. 
The wealth that we should keep.
  • Most of my Malaysian teachers didn't know my interest. Oder they actually knew aber it meant nothing to most of them. Only two oder three managed to let me allow them into my fortress. I guess there were so many students to handle eyh. Not blaming anyone, just sharing my thoughts. 
  • Aber when I was in primary England, my teachers knew what my interest und capabilities were. Due to that, I was asked to join drama group, und got selected to be part of the school music band. It didn't stop there. Surprisingly, my teacher in secondary England took note about it thus I with other one/two students were called out to play clarinet und flute in a secret room. 
  • Yes, a secret room I called. Just the three/four of us in that room trying to create beautiful sounds. 
  • Yours truly was 'popular' not because she came from some weird-never-heard-of-country aber she got noticed due to her teachers' efforts in bringing out what's best in her. Thank you my dear teachers. 
  • Honestly, I never did have a feeling of 'takut' when I held conversations with my teachers und headmaster back in England. They were so warm und never raised their voice unnecessarily. They didn't pinch students instead they created time out und detention.
The one who is responsible upon me being me. Mua mua muahohoho!
Mama is still in England at the moment.
Aber photo, she was having latte in Scotland bout four days ago.
When will you come home? I miss you ma.

  • I had a conversation with my friend's daughter (still in primary school) on last Sunday, she made a statement which kind of supporting my experience. Our conversation went sort of like this:

Qeesha: Buka tingkap besar-besar nanti penjahat masuk.
Ayla: InsyaAllah tak masuk sebab ramai orang. 
Qeesha: Kenapa dia tak masuk kalau ramai orang?
Ayla: If you were a robber, would you enter a house that is full of people?
Qeesha: (she paused for quite some time und said) Kalau ada cikgu baru lah dia tak masuk.
*Penjahat takut cikgu?

  • In Malaysia, I pernah kena cubit by my teacher sampai blue black yellow sebab tak dapat A, pernah kena tegur kuat and sangat embarassing sebab teacher salah anggap dan paling best, some teachers dekat Malaysia paling mahir buat, iaitu PERLI bila students salah jawab. 
  • Yes, I pernah kena perli dengan cikgu. T_T
  • The power of perli memang bisa bikin students malas dan tak hingin nak cooperate in class. Sorry lah. I rela skip the session. Aufwiedersehen. Babai.
  • Oh und another thing yang some teachers di Malaysia suka buat which is to show their favoritism. I don't know why aber are they not aware that favoritism bisa kacau pikiran budak psychologically? Especially yang masih in primary school. 
  • Ada yang siap belanja sorang dua students depan students lain. Entah hape hape entah. Padan lah ada students yang rasa leceh je dalam class. 
  • Siapa bangsa macam I yang tak heran boleh lah move on tapi kalau bangsa yang jealous jealous, habis. 
  • Apa tu, padagogi padagogi tu ajar cara mengajar je eh? Ajar interaksi dan psychology tak ada?
Albanna with his fake vanilla ice cream.
He really likes to play masak-masak ;-)

  • I bukan attack some specific teachers. Ini berdasarkan pengalaman I. Kepada teachers yang terasa, jangan marah I sebab I tak mention any names und tiada specific subjects pun. 
  • I believe teachers should be more sensitive about their students than their day to day appearance. Perli is not the way to educate students. I reckon teachers who are UK graduates know how the teachers are in England. Do you?
  • I am not trying to convey a message that everything is perfect in England aber I myself had the experience of studying in these two countries. Therefore I am responsible of sharing these informations und differences. 
  • There are indeed two oder three Malaysian teachers who spent time und made efforts to understand me. I truly appreciate that. Danke schon ;-)
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  • We always argue about our nations' behavior und mentality. We always 'wish' to be better und not wanting negative influences. Aber what do we really do to change?
  • 'Everything starts from home', 'Everything starts from school', yada yada yada bla bla bla. The blaming game will always be there. 
  • So lets take part und start by asking;
  1. How do we want our kids und ourselves to be treated?  
  2. How do we want our kids' lives und ours to end?



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