Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Jabir ibn Abdullah reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Fear Allah regarding women, for verily you have taken them as a trust from Allah, and intercourse has been made permissible by the word of Allah. Your rights over them are that they do not let anyone in the house you dislike. If they do so, then you may strike them without causing pain. Their rights over you are that you provide for them and clothe them in a reasonable manner.[Al-Bayhaqi, Sunan Al-Kubra, Number 8849, Sahih]
Yours truly with her mother in law (far right) und Syahmi's aunties.
We rarely get to be photographed together.
These ladies are in the education department.
Both Maksu (middle) und Ibu are teachers in public secondary schools.  

  • So I fell asleep on my couch while waiting for bapak to fetch me. Minutes later my step mom rang the house bell und handed me a bag full of raw ingredients. Other than raw chicken cutlets there were tomatoes, eggs, potatoes und chillies.  
  • Guess what, due to me being so sleepy, I 'decided' to chuck everything in the freezer. Read, freezer.
  • I forgot about it the whole night aber I only remember(ed) about it this morning. So I took out tomatoes, eggs, potatoes und chillies from the freezer; they have turned into solid rocks! =D
Ayla: Bibi look! Snooker balls! (referring to a bag of frozen red tomatoes)
Syahmi: Yeah, snooker balls! 

  • My biological mom is now miles away from us. I am glad that both mama und my step dad are taking long breaks from their routines. 
  • I have been encouraging mama to retire as soon as possible aber Allah knows what's best for her. I may not have that much money to support my two sets of parents und in laws' lifestyle aber if they are alright with just having basic meals on daily basis, insyaAllah both Syahmi und I are able to care for them ;-)
  • Umm provided that my home turns into a seven bedrooms mansion to accommodate all three sets. Hahaha!
Mama relaxing in Brighton.
 Aber I guess no more strolling, she must be sleeping now. 

  • Yes, nobody gets younger. Und as we get older, our health deteriorates. We cannot freeze ourselves in a huge freezer just to keep our skin cells at their best und to retain our young slim silhouette. 
  • Living healthily is also a Sunnah und is extremely encouraged in Islam. So lets together watch what we eat und exercise regularly =) Und whatever happens after that is beyond our control. 
  • Yes, news reported that there are health freaks died due to heart attack, cancer etc. Like I said, what ever happens after is beyond our control. Allah s.w.t. knows best. Aber this doesn't mean that we don't need to live healthily. 
"No one will be allowed to move from his position on the Day of Judgement until he has been asked how he spent his life, how he used his knowledge, how he earnt and spent his money and in what pursuits he used his health
Related in Tirmidhi 

  • 85% of my time, I watch what I eat (applies when I'm only with Syahmi). I tried to count calories aber only lasted for a month. Haha! Aber whenever I go out to visit relatives oder other people, I eat what is served. I am NOT going to be all mengada-ngada. Haha.   
  • I do moderate stretching und exercise at home. I also lift weights und I even park my car quite a distance from main entrances whenever I'm alone und only when I feel safe. Aber I am still 'big' und sometimes I do gain weight (high calorie intake) especially during festive seasons. 
  • In this case, let me blame my genes. Hahahhahahahahhahahahahahaha =D
  • Definitely hereditary. 
  • Wohohohohohohohohohohohoho!   
Hey watch that!
Husband is always slimmer than me.
That is due to his high metabolism rate. Envy T_T
I'm still waiting for the moment when he can carry me in his arms.
Dream on Ayla! =D Hahahahahaha.
B if you're reading this, it is not your fault. I'm just genetically heavy! Hahahaha.


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