Oh Henry

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Whenever I decide to clean my house, I will have less time working on The Sale. Nahhh not that I vacuum und scrub my two baths EVERY SINGLE DAY. Hence not a problem at all ;-)

  • We have been using Henry hoover since 2009. We love the suction power und how easy it is to clean the dust chamber. Yes, it is indeed a bagless vacuum cleaner. 
  • Since the flooring of our home in Southampton was wall to wall carpet including the bath (except the kitchen), thus we needed a vacuum cleaner. So we went to a carboot sale about 30 minutes away from home und spotted a good condition Henry  smiling. Well, all Henrys smile eyh ;) After exchanging a few thoughts und bargaining with the seller, we got to take the Henry home with us for only £20 - £25. Und from then on, it is our Henry. 
  • It was such a great bargain as a brand new Henry would cost us more than £90!
  • The reason why we chose Henry; before we moved in into a private home we had seen our previous flat cleaners used Henry to clean university flats. I concluded that Henry must be a robust und powerful vacuum cleaner hence it is used widely in Southampton University's accommodations.  
Easy to store. Fits in a cupboard. Sleep Henry sleep well.

  • So yeah, I guess Syahmi thought of the same reason since he himself had experience using it in his old flat during the years before we got married. 
  • The first time we used our Henry, we told each other that we will definitely take Henry back to Malaysia with us. So we did und still using it even though our current home is not wall to wall carpeted. Actually, there is no carpet except for the small one (in our bedroom) my sister in law bought for us from Dubai. 
  • I guess another good brand is Dyson. I heard about it aber never tried it before. As for now, I am happy with the used Henry that we bought about four years ago from a carboot sale, somewhere in Southampton, England. 
  • We still love our ever so young looking Henry :)

Still smiling after all the hard work und eating dusts! =D


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