Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Sombongnya manusia apabila mereka tahu tetapi berbuat tidak mengapa. Bodohnya manusia apabila mereka tahu akan nikmat dari Allah s.w.t akan tetapi sengaja menjauhinya. 

With my personal work out trainer und one of my financial advisors.
Well I seldom listen to both of them. Haha.
Aber I really need to start exercising again. Will do so later insyaAllah.
(Tanah Haram Jan-Feb 2013)

    • Four years is nothing compared to you lot who have been going through years und years of marriage. May Allah guide us well through out our lives. Ameen.
    Cempedak. We rarely fry food in deep oil aber can't resist fried cempedak =D

    • I spent two days with my in laws, busy entertaining und being entertained. The weekend was filled with visiting Syahmi's relatives. Alhamdulillah. From Plymouth to Leeds, booh! Haha.
    • Und due to being away, I was unable to receive guests at my own place. Greatest apology to those who had planned to come aber thank you very much for your thoughts und for informing through phone calls und messages. InsyaAllah next week perhaps? ;)
    • Since my father in law likes to read Berita Harian und Utusan, there are always these two newspapers at my in laws' abode. So I took the chance to flip through some pages und was really gobsmacked to read the reported news und captured photos about child abuse etc. 
    • T_T plus vomit in throat. 
    • 'In Sabah, a father literally killed und drank his son's blood' together with a quite large photo of the deceased son. Allah. 
    • I'm the type who is afraid of her own wounds. Thus to look at someone else's, bikin fengsan. 
    • Turn to Allah s.w.t. for common sense und love.
    My pretty niece. Just received this photo from her Tok Mama who is currently at her home.
    Alayoubi is now a big girl und a very loving sister, perhaps? Haha!

    • I've been being silent about the turmoil in Egypt. Not that I don't bother aber I am indeed out of words on describing the cruelty und the degree of inhumanity. I know it is not easy to lead aber Morsi was only given ONE year to clean up ALL the mess made years und years by the current government. Logically, Morsi should be given more time right?
    • I can't even clean up my own mess within a year. -_- 
    • Remember, more than 50% of the citizen voted for Morsi, Brotherhood / Ikhwanulmuslimin. Source : TheGuardian
    • Now the Israelis can goyang kaki und stay glued in front of the tele enjoying the Egypt reality show. Oh und also Syria's. 
    • Allahu Musta'an. 

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    • C'mon people, lets pray und make Doa for those who are being oppressed und violently threatened. May we stay on the right path und fight for Islam aber NOT for power und wealth. 


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