Al Kisah

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

I am still trying to see without my contact lenses. Well, I did put grated carrots in my cekodok. Und now I'm typing without wearing any. Will only wear during editing. Hehe.

  • I was just about to get into my deep slumber when the wind blew harshly (gale force winds I would say) , sucking out my bedroom curtains through window openings. "It's just the wind. Not rain." said Syahmi.
  • I turned to my right und tried to fall asleep aber the only thing I could think of was, how fortunate we are to have roof above our head und walls to protect us from the cold wind. 
  • Not long after, rain started to pour. Still couldn't sleep, thinking about the less fortunate ones, on how busy they were trying to find shelter und warm blankets while my husband und I were already in our comfy warm bedroom und have another two empty rooms that could fit two people in each und a living room fits four, comfortably.
  • I have no reasons to be ungrateful und cocky. May Allah protect the homeless und less fortunate from harm und make them give thanks to Him in return. 

  • Then again, this morning we woke up for sahur und had food to eat. Even a simple lightly fried egg (aber not sunny side up as the yolk burst in the pan) with plain rice is sufficient. Syukur ya Allah. 
  • What else do I need to be grateful to Allah s.w.t.? 
  • Just last night I made a complaint to Syahmi that bills keep on coming in even though I had paid em earlier on. Forgetting that others have to worry feeding several human sapiens with halal und toyyiba food each day!
  • Allah ya Rabb. Please forgive me ya Allah for I had been so forgetful und  inconsiderate. May you have Mercy upon me. 

I miss the both of you terribly.


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