Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Allah recognizes our effort aber doesn't judge us by the outcome. Und whatever good we do, there is a reward for it. Don't trust me aber trust Allah Azzawajalla. 

  • I like to live in Malaysia because of my family, relatives und friends are here. Meeting, visiting und sharing thoughts are something that I prefer to do than sitting at home watching the entertainment tube. 
  • As for traveling und going out to see the world, it is still my passion aber we don't get to do that often as our commitment with our lives und people around us is piling up as time goes by. Aber both of us still make sure that we do go out for holiday at least twice a year (if possible one local und one overseas). 
Hey! There's a thinking balloon right above my head =D

  • You see, Syahmi's grandfather is now really dependent on other people. I don't want to say that he cannot walk aber he was not sent for physical therapy after he received a treatment for his ulcer. 
  • Due to that, he is now bedridden und has swollen feet. Definitely it hurts him now to even stand on his own feet. Since atuk's children are taking turns to look and care for him during weekend, he needs to be carried und driven to at least six different locations within two months. 
  • Caring for him is not a problem aber the only thing that makes people think twice is, 'who is able to carry atuk from bed to wheelchair und from wheelchair into a car etc. '
Bapak with my favorite doughnut.
What's your fav?
Fav doesn't mean one has to consume it often.
I myself beli doughnuts once a year kot. 

  • By now you lot can guess that we spent our Malaysia Day holiday at my in laws', for Syahmi had to help his mother to bathe und carry atuk whenever he needs to be washed und carried. 
  • Well, not that Syahmi is the only child ~
  • It was funny observing Syahmi telling atuk not to scratch his own body to avoid from having open wounds und scars. =D
  • Due to the poor planning und health of atuk's children, instead of just one car, two cars ended going to the hospital to send atuk. Syahmi drove atuk to the hospital while his other two cousins came to help carry atuk.
  • Phew. Now, the grandchildren need to help lifting atuk since none of atuk's children has the muscle tone und strength of Jean Claude van Damme at the age of above 50! Except for one or two of Syahmi's uncle, who still has the strength. Syukur ya Allah. 
  • Well not that the grandchildren look like Jean. Haha!
  • It hits me hard und now I am very determined to lose more weight. For I don't want to burden others whenever I need a 'lift'. 
Syahmi, Hasbi und Atuk. I waited in the waiting bay since my knees shiver whenever I'm in a hospital.
Hatta was there too und waited with me.

  • I find man who sincerely helps und cares for the elderly charming =) 
  • So well done boys! 


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