Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Parents have high expectations for their children. They might deny it most of the time aber without realizing it, they are pressuring their kids. Is that bad for the parents oder brings good to the kids? I am not a mother aber I have high expectation towards myself. 

  • I have been taking care of my plants since April. I would water them, trim them und feed them with nutrients whenever possible. 
  • Und after months, today I woke up to a couple of growing small green chillies y'all!
  • Alhamdulillah. 
  • =)
From now on, my sambal und cili kicap will be extra luscious!

  • After trimming a pot of lemongrass, I showed Syahmi the neater plants we had und he said:
Syahmi: Woh dah lalang dekat serai.
Ayla: Lalang? 
Syahmi: Tu. Lalang.
Ayla: I just trimmed the serai and lalang?! I thought itu tumbuh serai baru!
Syahmi: Serai? No that is lalang. 

  • Yes, due to not being able to differentiate between serai und lalang, yours truly had been caring und feeding lalang too. 
  • T_T
  • Looking forward for my tomatoes, long beans etc. Please grow well!
  • High expectations dekat pokok-pokok I. Stresss! 
  • Hahahahahaha.
Thank you to those yang beri this multi cooker.
We have been using it to saute oder fry simple dishes in it.
Not forgetting steaming rice noodles! Very handy und easy to clean.
Demo: Syahmi's frying home made fried rice paste.

  • Alhamdulillah I managed to go out on a breakfast date with a friend of mine on last Saturday. She shared with me about her patients' (kids) behavior und how she deals with them. She's not a mother aber very understanding. 
  • I reckon that she will be a good mom. Definitely better than me.
  • I have been observing my mother in law since the first day I married Syahmi. Even though both my mom und my mother in law live in the city, they have different style und ideas on nurturing their kids. Aber one thing for sure, they want their kids to live as close as possible to them. 
  • How?
  • How close? Same neighbourhood? Under one roof?
  • I just hope my in laws are happy und grateful that their son und daughter in law are living in the same state und only 30-40 minutes away from them. To me, that is close enough. 
  • Well, they never did express anything to us =p haha
"I'm Scotland Monroe. Vote for me in the next election."
Haha! This Buginese Chinese guy loves Scotland und is always excited to
share info about the 'city under a city'. =D
Someone gets a nice T from his mother in law eyh ;-)

  • Thank you to those who came yesterday. Last guests left just before Maghrib. For those who shopped at The Sale, thank you for your support. Now you know how crazy it is for me to deal with beautiful handbags und shoes on a daily basis. The temptation is indeed high aber I have no space left in my personal wardrobe to secretly hide a bag or two for myself =D Haha!

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