Nasihatku Seribu Satu

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

How many of us are willing to spend hundreds of ringgit to listen to 'expensive' people? Hoping that we will become better human sapiens after listening to them? I've never paid hundreds to listen to one. Und I don't think I will. I watch them on t.v. instead.

Someone came home from UK und got me a bag with goodies in it!
MasyaAllah. Danke schon!
Scroll down to know what is inside this Cath Kidston bag ;-)

  • Alhamdulillah. Due to Syahmi's voluntary works, most of the time, I got to listen und meet influential people for free. I failed to see the hikmah before. I was more of, "Bibi, can I just stay at mama's? I'm sleepy."
  • Und guess what Syahmi did, he waited for me to wake up then only we left home for events. 
  • So sleepy trick doesn't work eyh.  T_T
Hid sent me a postcard from New Zealand.
To Cik Amal and family und to all my family members too, Hid sends her salam to all of you!
She's doing well und looking forward to come home =)
  • I decided to start working a bit late today. Instead of continue typing after 8:40a.m., I stared at my plants watching them grow, washed dirty clothes und folded the washed ones. Then I switched on the t.v. which I rarely do before my lunch break. 
  • I stopped clicking the remote at channel 109. Yes, Ustazah semanis kurma shared ilmu about Women und Jannah. Woah! She described about Khadijah r.a. und Asiya (Firaun's wife) on how these two women went through life in Dunya und why they are promised with Allah's Paradise. 
  • Fantastic. 
  • Khadijah r.a. was so generous und infaq her $ for Islam und supported her husband,  even at times when everyone was against Rasullullah s.a.w. 
  • Und as for Asiya, she kept her faith und prayed for a palace in Allah's Paradise when she was tortured by her husband for believing in Allah s.w.t.
  • Take some time to reflect und ponder. What have we done in this Dunya to qualify ourselves for such phenomenal reward? If a wife still gets angry at her husband for not getting her a pair of shoes whereas she knows that her husband cannot afford one, I guess she has a long way to go. Nay?
Alhamdulillah. Syahmi likes my simple french toast.
I added milk in mine ;-)
  • Ya, adik-adik ku, cik-cik, kakak-kakak yang sedang mencari teman hidup, I nasihatkan supaya meletakkan Islam utama bukan sekadar mencari yang solat serta berkopiah. Setelah memilih dan istikharah serta berdoa berserah, jika suami ada salahnya yang kecil, maafkanlah dan bersabar kerana isteri-isteri juga ingin benar di maafkan dan menuntut suami supaya sabar. 
  • Remember, we could die at any moment therefore lets learn to forgive und have faith in Allah s.w.t.
  • Calamities are able to make us stronger und be grateful for all.
  • Ingatlah bahawa Asiya tetap menganggap lelaki yang menggelarkan dirinya tuhan sebagai suami tetapi Asiya tidak berpaling daripada Allah s.w.t. 
  • Marilah kita menjadikan wanita-wanita hebat ini sebagai contoh dan membantu kita menjalani  marriage life. 

Tadaa! I received a pair of night pyjamas, pink apron with mitten und such,
an awesome souvenir from Dubai plus a table runner from Istanbul.
Thank you mama, uncle wan, sis shida und mr. josey!
Jazakumullah Khayran ;)
Oh as for the Oral-B brush heads, I asked mama for her help to get me those from Boots.
I saved at least £10 ya'll which is equivalent to RM50 plus plus.
Bak kata Syahmi, "You kan suka gosok gigi."
  • Wanita soleh akan menjadi KETUA bidadari di Syurga.
  • May Allah ease our journey.
  • Oh Allah, the Most Merciful from You we request patience. Bless our marriage und guide us to the right path. 


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