The Seamstress und Common Sense

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

A man who is two timing his wife und a single lady who is enjoying the company of a married man (vice versa), get ready. Both of you will soon oder later taste the bitter side of your lives. No one is able to tell you how hurtful it will be. Not so much of a common sense und Karma aber Allah is well known for His words. 

The only chili harvested from my plant.
Hot und nice! Shared this piece with Syahmi
as there were only 2 fruits available on that particular plant T_T
  • Just before my elder brother was born, my father hired a full-time lady helper to help my mom with house chores und care for Mr. Josey. Und two years after, the lady had to look after two kids (Mr. Josey und yours truly) while my parents were busy working.
  • Yes, this lady took care of us for more than 11 years. She went through a lot in making sure that we received the best. I remember seeing her cried due to Mr. Josey's (who was about 5 year-old) ridiculous tantrum on wanting a chicken drumstick for lunch when there was none available at home. 
  • We called the lady Kak Ana und surprise surprise, we still communicate up until now. 
  • Kak Ana who is a Malay Nara from Narathiwat, Southern Thai is married to a Malay man from Kuala Selangor. Alhamdulillah und I am grateful that she got such a cool guy for a husband. Her husband is so nice that he allows her to still keep in touch with the kids she once cared for und even drove her to visit us when ever they are in Selangor.
  • She's no longer in her twenties aber in mid forties. How time flies. 
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  • Other than the late Aunty Aishah, Kak Ana is like a mom to me. She understands und always want the best for me. Sometimes I'll call to check on her, sometimes she'll call to get updates about me und my family. 
  • She'll express how badly she misses us und how she looks forward to see us.
  • Whenever we met, there was always some ole-ole from her to me. It surprises me, for someone who is making less than most of us, she is so kind und very generous at heart. 
  • Amazing.
  • Oppss...mama, your keropok from kak Ana is still with me. Hahaha! 
  • Indeed I learn a lot from her. From learning how to cook Kelantan popular dishes to appreciating life und make do with what we have. 
Albanna when he was just a few hours old!
Look everyone, the cheeky monster when he was once a tiny baby =D
Happy Birthday to Albanna's father, Mr. Josey!  

  • Regardless of how many years she has been living in this country und even married to a Malaysian, it has been difficult for her to get a PR oder what ever IC for foreigners there is. 
  • Reading about the project IC really gets me on my nerve. Makes me wonder, if I just bring Kak Ana to those who are behind this project (independent news reported  M., wallahu'alam) und convince them that Kak Ana will definitely vote for alif mim nun waw, she might get her IC on the day she set foot on/in Tanah Melayu! 
  • Well of course I wasn't born yet, then it would have been my father's business.
  • Mind you, Kak Ana has been receiving a not so warm service by the government servants in jabatan that deals with visa etc. Last Syawal, she came to Shah Alam for visa purposes aber to find out that the pegawai was unavailable.
  • Obviously they had set to meet on that particular day! The person in charge could have just make a phone call to Kak Ana saying that he/she won't be available on the designated date. Kak Ana traveled all the way from Kubang Kerian (my birth town) you know, not from Seksyen 13 Shah Alam!
  • I reckon that if Kak Ana's husband is Taib Mahmud, she doesn't even need an IC to cross the South China Sea. 
  • This is common sense oder not so common, at all?   
I am glad that Syahmi gets the chance to know people behind me.
InsyaAllah I won't forget my roots und those who have been supporting me.
My beloved Kak Ana und her husband (name will not be disclosed).

  • Well, if one decides to continue playing tricks, just go ahead. 
  • As long as she has faith in Allah s.w.t. she'll be alright.  
  • Who is she?
  • She's a seamstress married to a lorry driver.
  • und I love her. 


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