Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I was brought up with dinnerware from England. Vintage Poole my mom brought back home years und years ago (probably before the year 86). So do not search for Corelle in my abode. There is none.

Dearest Hid sent me this from Auckland.
It's her time to embrace life outside Malaysia.
May she comes home well prepared. 

  • When I was studying in Southampton, some did ask me how much does a set of Corelle dinnerware cost in England. I really don't know how to break the news to them; British don't use Corelle. 
  • They have Royal Doulton (Royal Worcester, Royal Albert), Wedgwood, etc.
  • I understand why people like to use Corelle due to its light weight und high breaking tolerance? No. 
  • Other than Poole, mama has Corelle too for daily use. Itu pun ada yang malas nak wash plates/bowls after meal oder snacking even though ringan! T_T 
  • Neither Corelle nor Wedgwood is in my possession. 

  • Necessity things like this (dinnerware), we still have freedom to choose. Whether we want to use Wedgwood oder Villeroy & Boch oder dinnerware from Mydin. It doesn't matter. Depends on what we like und what we need. 
  • Aber necessity items like petrol/fuel, our freedom to choose is too limited (und none for diesel users). The price throughout Malaysia is the same. Thus the only choices we are left with; whether to buy or not to buy. That's about it. 
  • I don't know why people are so fumed up when they found out the news about 'Increasing Petrol Price'. Aber one thing for sure, I know why I am very cross.
No matter where we go, wajib bagi kita memakan makanan halal dan toyyibah.
Terang lagi bersuluh. Hehe.
Halal restaurant in Amsterdam.
  • Ramai berkata, "Ala 20sen aje. Makan Tony Romas boleh plak yada yada bla bla bla..
  • I tak ambil pusing comment di atas kerana I tidak makan Tony Romas kecuali sekali aja sewaktu menyambut hari kelahiran rakan sekerja Syahmi pada satu malam hari. The reason why I don't go to Tony Romas just to enjoy their food is because they serve alcoholic beverages such as Stella Artoi's und Budweiser's. I don't support such restaurants that serve alcohol.   
  • Baiklah, kenapa I tak berkenan harga minyak naik 20 sen. Tak kira lah berapa sen naik, I masih tak berkenan. Bukan kerana I tak ada duit nak bayar extra 20sen per liter. Tapi kerana I mengenangkan sanggup kerajaan potong subsidi minyak kegunaan harian rakyat tetapi tanpa merasa hairan dan berbelanja berbillion membuat istana di jalan Duta, bail out company yang disebut sebut tu, bikin rumah-rumah mewah di prime land untuk exco exco alif mim nun wau, etc. Pi google sendiri. 
  • Bikin semua benda mahal ni, rakyat bisa masuk free? Usah kata free, memang tak boleh masuk punya. Cit! 
  • Ada orang ingat pakai duit pocket sendiri dan ikhsan billionaire? My foot! 
  • And do you know that bosses in the government sector travel Business Class? Do you think that they pay whenever they fly for business trip?! 
  • I bet there are taxpayers who can't even afford to even fly economy!
  • No wonder people want to work with the government. We have more employees than tasks to be completed. So don't be surprised if you see civil servants enjoying their breakfast from 8 a.m. until 11a.m.
  • Ada pula tu bangga suami dia kerja kerajaan tapi pergi office tiada kerja. End of the month bawa balik gaji beribu. How can one be so proud of that???  
Hetty says "Hi!" Ni girlfriend Henry.
Hetty sucks dusts too aber only on desks und counter top. 
  • So faham now kenapa I sungguh tak berkenan? Sekali lagi, bukan kerana 20 sen tetapi kerana percaturan civil servants yang terlibat. Mereka yang tak terlibat sila jangan nak kata Ayla bodoh tak tahu apa-apa sebab work from home.  
  • Bagus lagi work from home where I can read news from all sides und compare before making judgments rather than those who have the time to mingle with other people at work place aber then decide to make a pact with the 'wrong' type of people und only talk about cosmetics, fashion und artists.   
  • Kalau nak turun kan lagi subsidi minyak I memang tak kisah tapi jangan lah terus salah guna duit rakyat. 

  • I am not angry because of the 20 cents. Aber I'm angry with our leader und his team. They should know that Malaysians need fuel than the bloody expensive palace. 
  • Stop making statements such as, "If you can afford Wedgwood, why can't you just pay the extra 20 cents?"
  • Channel taxpayers money to the right path. It's good to reduce 'duit subsidi' aber use it on something that brings benefit to the people but not to the goons.     


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