Alhamdulillah, Zulhijjah

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Alhamdulilllah. The bleeding has stopped aber the patch of blood is still clearly visible. Not to worry, it's definitely getting smaller. 

The happy man. InsyaAllah I will try to cook Kelantan dishes more often for you bibi.
I know how you like a simple grilled fish with budu ;-)
  • I'd been 'quiet' for almost 10 days. Had to reduce the time spent on computer hence less working hours for me. I was restless for the whole week. The urge of wanting to update database und stocks were just too compelling. 
  • So I decided to stay at mama's for a few days, to achieve fast recovery und to get away from my machine. Importante! Aber today I decided to get back to work at full force und probably get a day off tomorrow, say alternate days until my eye is well? Lets just see how ;-)
Aunt Lisa luscious chicken Kuzi y'all!
  • I celebrated Eidul Adha at bapak's together with Aunty Lisa und her new assistant who just flew in from the land below the wind. Aunty prepared my favvvvourite Malay dish ie. luscious chicken Kuzi y'all. Yes, using the mixed spices I bought from NikSah (previous entry) while I on the other hand prepared subtle Bukhari rice with olives und saffron. 
  • Then we had succulent Cek Mek Molek for dessert. Syahmi couldn't stop eating it und he seemed to love both Kuzi und Cek Mek Molek so much. Welcome to the club bibi =) 
  • I managed to perform solat sunat Eidul Adha in a musollah near bapak's. Yes, I had to keep my eyes low most of the time und avoid making eye contact with anyone. Aber the lady sat next to me had a very sweet daughter (11 months old) und I couldn't resist from saying a word or two to that adorable child. Alhamdulillah the lady was so understanding und didn't stare oder make silly comments about my bloody eye. She even asked her daughter to shake hands with me! 
Frying Cek Mek Molek at bapak's.
Sarung tudung masak =D
Yes, yours truly cannot wear contact lenses for a couple of months.
  • We went to visit relatives in Puchong und surprise surprise, there were another two Kuzi dishes prepared by my cousin und aunt! So another round of Kuzi for all of us. Haha =D 
  • I like to have my Kuzi with small buns. I had that before solat und again at my aunt's. Syukur ya Allah. What a treat. 
  • Then both Syahmi und I drove to mama's but to find the house empty. Krik krik. Krik krik. Yes, mama is not a typical mom who cooks und waits for her children at home all the time. Aber that doesn't mean she is a bad mom y'all. 
  • So Syahmi made use of her exercise machine while waiting. Aber after Maghrib, I was so tired und needed to settle a few things before 11pm. Since mama was enjoying her stay at her sister's, I didn't want to keep calling her und asking where she's at etc. Not wanting to sound so selfish und pushy. So Syahmi und I headed home before she arrived. 
  • Papai mama! =D
Mama bought me this from Polska.
Had these olives sliced und chuck them in Bukhari rice.
  • My mind was on Hajj almost all day. I myself rasa tidak sabar hendak menunaikan haji tetap at the same time I worry for the uncertainties. I was told that jemaah Muassasah had to stay hundreds meter away from Masjidil Haram und to stay closer to the Masjid, one needs to pay at least RM23k. 
  • I shared my worries with Syahmi und questioned why do people stay that long in Mekah? Why does one need to fork out such huge amount aber still need to share a room with three other strangers? Is there any package offers shorter stay, say 2 weeks instead of 30-40 days? Can't the Saudi cut down the quota etc.? 
  • I even asked bapak about toilets in Mina. -_-
  • Allah. I am excited aber worry at the same time. May Allah ease.
Another pretty token from Poland! =)
Thank you mama.
  • Oh I was born on the 7th Zulhijjah und no longer 27 year-old. 


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