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Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Bought a lip moisturizer by Mentholatum aber not really fond of it. Shall I give it to the monkeys?


  • We were cruising down the main road in front of mama's neighbourhood when we spotted an Aston Martin DB9 with a registration number 'DB9'. I doubt that the owner is a Kelantanese due to the "DB" aber I guess he/she wants the extra coolness by having such matching registration number. 
  • Well, if one has money, one can even have Burberry checkered painted on the Aston Martin just like what someone did to his/her Maserati. No sweat.
  • Quite a number of times we saw Lamborghini in Ooobang. Not so much of Ferrari though. 
  • I no longer ask "Where do they get all of their money from?" Such boring rhetorical question eyh. It seems that there are more millionaires that I thought oder a few of them are not actually millionaires aber they know the tricks und master in manipulating others to live luxuriously. No?
  • Oder... is there such thing as Aston Martin grade AAAAA from China eyh? 
  • Bapak, since you're in Guangzhou, can you please check on this: Bugatti grade AAAAAAA top quality in China at the price of RM100k? Make sure both front und rear logos are the same. Not one Bugatti und the other one Toyopet =D  

Usually I just take one oder two pieces to snack with. Haha. 

  • Syukur alhamdulillah I've been having good customers the whole month except for one who wants to buy Clarks goods at the prices of YeBeng's? How how how. From the way she said it, she is aware of the Clarks price range in retail stores aber it makes me wonder on how could she failed to 'admire' the prices The Sale is offering.
  • For those who are not used to Clarks, I can truly understand their concerns.
  • Yes, I am a trader und this trader has common sense too. It's not easy to procure Clarks from United Kingdom und sell to customers at very very very low prices aber what The Sale has been trying to maintain is the reasonable prices for Clarks goods und of course cheaper than the retail stores in Malaysia. InsyaAllah for as long as I WANT to manage The Sale. =)
  • So lets together chill.

My 'desk' in my third office, The Kitchen.
Fours years married only now I managed to cook Asam Pedas Daging for Syahmi.
Not saying that I'm a terrible wife. Syahmi still can get his favorite dish at his nenek's .

  • Sikap seseorang itu pasti dilihat dan dihafal oleh anak-anaknya. Harus berhati-hati kerana sikap buruk kita most probably akan diikut oleh anak-anak. Jadi kalau kita nak masyarakat yang ada perubahan dan menuju kearah baik, kita kena sentiasa menjaga adab bukan sahaja di luar rumah tetapi di dalam rumah juga. 
  • Allah s.w.t. memberi kita anak-anak bukan untuk suka-suka jadi kawan bila kita bosan dan juga bukan untuk jadi teman kita ke pasar. Tanggungjawab kita untuk nurture anak adalah wajib dan jika kita masih tidak tahu kenapa wujudnya anak-anak, baguslah kita pergi tanya dan menuntut ilmu dari para ilmuan dan ulama'.
  • Jadi dalam urusan jual beli, tawar menawar, mulakan dengan "Biismillahirahmanirrahim". Jangan berkeras dan rude apabila di dalam proses tawar menawar. Dalam jual beli juga perlu keberkatan dari Allah s.w.t. Rugilah kita kerana satu barang, iman kita lerai. 
  • Natijahnya lebih teruk apabila kita tidak beradab ketika jual beli didepan anak-anak. 

My desk at mama's. On the Go!

  • It's not wrong to bargain with mak cik di pasar oder pak cik di kedai, aber not to the extent of being ridiculous und rude. Don't forget, sellers are consumers too. Aber not all consumers are sellers. =)
  • May Allah ease und have mercy upon us. 


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