Fefeeling Benor

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

I purposely woke up late today. Fefeeeling jadi wife tak berkerja, best juga =D
 If not, by 7:30a.m., I'll be sitting on my foldable black chair, worrying, typing und calculating. Danke schön Allah for the experience. 

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  • I read an article yesterday on The Edge Malaysia, about a lady of my age (a daughter of one of our ministers) saying that her way of fashion is "I like to mix high street with designer stuff, like something simple with a Chanel necklace". I read that out loud to Syahmi und blurted out, "Bibi! She was 24 (still in school) when this article was made und she could afford Chanel. What is so Chanel about me bibi?" 
  • We both ended up laughing at myself =D 
  • Thinking whether her father gave her huge allowance und how much the father is making by becoming a minister. Oder probably she worked hard. Wallahu'alam.
Syahmi pernah cakap, "Now I know, you kalau keluar selalu cari food. Mama pun sama."
Und I told him, "I find comfort in food but not handbags and shoes. Und I love to buy food und have it shared with other people =)" 
Last Saturday I drove out just to get some tea time snacks und bought two tubs of chocolate cake. I gave Syahmi to finish eating one small tub und he made Doa, "Thank you bibi for this chocolate cake. I doakan you dapat masuk syurga kerana belanja I makan chocolate cake ni"
Peace =D

  • When I was 20 und living in England, I had the money to splurge on holidays, Bally, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry, Jimmy Choo etc. The fact that these high end brands are cheaper in UK und Europe compared to Malaysia, I really thought everything was a good buy. Und fortunately yes, I was correct. 
  • I would ONLY  buy the things I need und I DID NOT spend everything on myself. Read, DID NOT. I would get my parents und siblings gifts when ever I came home for summer holiday. I was the 'Santa Claus' =) 
  • Aber where did I get the money to spend? 
  • I studied und worked. Yes, I have been trading goods since in uni. 
  • Aber now since I'm trading accessories in Malaysia ie. in Ringgit Malaysia, I can't afford to purchase a RM10k Prada bag for my mom. Not important though but just for comparison.
  • Now can you see the difference between the power of Pound Sterling und Ringgit Malaysia? Not forgetting the purchasing power between Malaysians und British.
  • You can get a can of tuna in England for £0.40 aber in Malaysia, a can of tuna is priced at about RM4.50. I've seen a couple of documentaries about tuna fish und they were harvested/caught in the water near Indonesia! So how come we are paying more than the British for a can of tuna?! 
My biological father browsing items in Burberry Malaysia while younger brother busy on the phone. Bercinta ke Ajim =D Hahaha. This was taken during a day shopping outing with bapak, aunty Lisa und Ajim. Since I got the permission from Syahmi to go while he was still busy working at the office, I ended up getting two pairs of shoes. One casual und one trainers. Got to run too baby!
  • Now please don't get me wrong. The reason why I'm sharing with you lot about Chanel etc. is to help you lot NOT to be pressured by your peers und the fashion industry. Entertainment industry has set some conditions to us that by having this und this, we are a class higher. So don't be fooled by that alright. 
  • Can't you see that when an artist talks about Evoke Evoque, the next best thing that most artists mention is Evoke Evoque? It's a long chain und whoever reads about entertainment on a daily basis, he/she will be 'hypnotized' by it und subconsciously will make Evoke Evoque as his/her dream car. 
  • Live within our means. Be grateful for what ever we have. Most importantly for Allah's rahmat. Remember, not everyone can afford to pay for food und shelter. 
  • Und for we to crack our heads on how to get a Chanel bag is a NO NO. Let it comes by itself. Treat it like a bonus. Aber lets work hard for family, community und Islam. 
  • It is NOT WRONG to be rich aber it's WRONG when we are attached to wealth.
  • Aber do not go to Chanel junkies und test their Zuhud ya people =D 
  • No No No! ;-)
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