It's All Up To Us

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

Welcoming this new template that I chose for this blog. Not that I love this template aber this is the best so far. I found a few cool ones aber there were problems with the fonts, layout und etc. So I decided to use this simple one instead, well at least for now. It's about time to change. A new beginning perhaps.
Cari penyakit. Sengkuang with chocolate sauce und topped with crushed peanuts.
Nicht gut! Alert! TIDAK SEDAP.
Please don't give this a try.

  • Alhamdulillah. I would like to express my gratitude to Allah s.w.t und extend my sincere appreciation for everyone's support towards The Sale. 
  • Not that I won an award of entrepreneurship oder what so ever aber I am indeed grateful for this little The Sale that Allah has been lending me. I believe there will come a day when I have to bid The Sale goodbye in ways I don't feel like imagining. Aber before that day arrives, lets embrace what is on my plate.  

  • I have a few friends who are into business. I know how they are struggling to keep up with the fast pace especially those who are in the engineering sector. I would say the most laid back is f&b aber this doesn't mean that it is the easiest amongst the lot. 
  • Well to me, nothing is easy except eating!
  • I admire them so much und the fact that they work during the day und make time for their family during the night, is fantastic. I know, not everyone is able to cope with such hectic schedule especially when one is running his/her own Sendirian Berhad. 
  • Mine is not Sdn. Bhd. =) Just an Enterprise. Not as occupied as Sdn. Bhd. Syukur.

Who wants to purchase this? I'm letting go this mineral face powder I bought from America.
Monave Mineral make-up, vegan und gluten free.
Thought of painting my face when I'm at home aber I just don't have the skills in doing so.
Used a bit only, like three times or less (can't really remember). Some colours are still untouched!
If I'm not mistaken, a tub is about 1g. So I'm letting go at RM15 for these 4 small tubs.
Or RM20 inclusive of Poslaju fee. If you want, can wahtsapp/viber/sms me at: ZERO ONE NINE 3 6 6 7 5 8 5.
I bought their lipstick as well, aber gone already. Best betul!
  • I feel like becoming a part time educator aber not a lecturer though. Ideas. Ideas. Oh yes yes, The Sale is still open for business ;-) Don't worry. Affordable Clarks shoes und handbags are still available at/on The Sale
  • Allahu Musta'an. 


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