Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

I know there's something magnificent awaits me since I had put all effort in it. I needed the sleep so I'm not going to regret waking up an hour late. Aber that one hour of sleep caused me to miss something that I had been waiting since Friday. Allahu Musta'an. 

I want pizza for lunch. 
  • I was not in a good state yesterday. My stress level was high aber I tried to be calm und collected through out the day. Small inappropriate remarks made me fumed up easily. Aber sleeping helps to reduce the stress. Thank you Allah for the sleep.
  • I should have checked earlier on that it is not 8 hours different aber 7 hours. I forgot even though I have been in this business for three years. 
  • Und since I'm trading goods from United Kingdom, the appropriate time to work is during bed time aber I have stopped myself from working at night due to health concerns. Und since I'm dealing with Pound Sterling und Ringgit, currency rate takes effect on The Sale's 'Selling price'. 
  • A few things that are beyond my control. 
  • Allahu Musta'an.
Clarks Tia Heather Leather with suede on the front.
RM390 inclusive of Poslaju fee.
Available at/on The Sale.

Clarks Tia Black Leather.
RM380 inclusive of Poslaju fee.
Available at/on The Sale.
  • I need to attend to many things today. Will blog another entry later during the day with Allah's will. 
  • If you want to purchase items from The Sale, you may do so through the web oder by messaging me on The Sale facebook oder whatsapp. 
  • Have a great day all.


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