Need und Want

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Not everybody in this world is black-hearted. Just like fat, not all fat is bad for our body.

I once prepared Bolognese, sandwiches, egg salad, bukhari rice with chicken korma for my in laws (inclusive of Syahmi's siblings). Aber no reaction was spotted und no motivating comments were made other than ibu's. So I decided to not cook for them und only let my mother in law do that bit. I don't think my cooking is that bad aber I guess my taste palate is different from theirs =) Aber I did take one recipe from my mother in law though. Hehe. Resting my case in preparing food for the family. Yohoo! =D 

  • Once again Syahmi reminded me about Zuhud. No one should be judging others on the materials they have aber on how they manage to NOT attach themselves to material things.  
  • I forgot the names of the characters in this true story aber I still want to share with you lot. From what I remember, it goes sort of like this : 

Guy A saw a rich guy B riding in his golden coach (pedati emas) aber guy B is known for his act of Zuhud. Unsatisfied watching guy B in his golden coach, guy A approached him und said, "Oh guy B, you've told us about Zuhud und the act of it aber why are you riding on this expensive golden coach of yours? How does this portray the act of Zuhud?". Guy B turned to guy A und asked, "Do you want this golden coach? Take it."

  • Now do we understand what Zuhud is all about? May we all remember this short story und improve ourselves to become better each day. 
Some one is riding in her golden coach.
This was taken years ago when Alayoubi was 2 year-old if I'm not mistaken.
I made her to stand inside the bag while I pulled her in bapak's living hall.
  • Aber do not go to our prime minister's wife und ask for her jewelleries. It is not ethical for us to purposely test someone on Zuhud. 
  • Instead of judging others, what have we done to help the needy? 
  • Have we done enough in this Dunya to receive Allah's Paradise?
  • Stop nagging und start giving.


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