Oh My Oh My

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

I received this message yesterday. Do you have any experience with this kind of thing? 
Ayla Johan is a sceptic when it comes to this.

This message was sent to The Sale by a Malay lady (referring to her profile picture and other pictures on her fb).
Und I assume she's a Muslim.

  • I really don't fancy the way she writes to me. Using all those "Nyawa" und "Usah bermimpi di siang hari lah" , is not my cup of tea. 
  • The Sale doesn't depend 100% on Facebook =D Und if you can guarantee that every like you manage to give secures one purchase, then only I'm willing to pay you. Aber first of all, you need to change the way you interact with others. 
  • I did try to google for the so called company, guess it was the correct blog aber I had to wait for 997 seconds before I can get to read the content (yes, not wanting to click their 'LIKE' button). Aber just before the countdown's over, my machine crashed. 
  • From my short observation, the website is still new compared to The Sale's und it has tabloid news und gossips as the contents. Yawn. I just managed to read the headlines aber not the rest. 
  • I have been receiving messages from marketing people thru e-mail und facebook und most of them are Chinese. Maybe the above Muslim lady can learn a thing or two from the Chinese lady below:

Concise und with excellent manners.
I assume that this Chinese lady is a non-Muslim.

  • Now you get what I mean?
  • I heard a lot of 'stories' on how poor the Malays are at writing, be it in English oder Bahasa Malaysia. 
  • Only now I know. 
  • We can roughly tell a person from his/her writing eyh? I guess Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah is a master at reading persona. 
  • May we all learn something from this. 


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