Shush Shush

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

My teachers in Highfield Jr. School did not shout to us instead they made a very distinct sound, "Shush" to demand silence. We knew what to do then. 

Missing these adorable kids.
Alayoubi und Albanna.

  • I was on my way out of the post office when I saw kindergarten kids lining up outside the building together with their teachers. I managed to analyze one of the teachers' facial reaction und it was bitter.
  • She was standing right at the back of the line und then shouted to a couple of kids at the front, asking them to keep in line while crossing the road. Shout? Yes. Literally shout with resentment. 
  • Kids are being kids. They tend to break rules when excitement takes over. Kindegarten teachers should know that better. If you know that it is dangerous for kids to cross the road on their own, then another teacher should be placed right in the middle of the road to monitor the traffic. 
  • So stop shouting. 
  • Lollypop man? 
  • No we don't have that. No one wants to stand under the hot sun in Malaysia. One can easily sweat a bucket by just walking 1km in this hot und humid climate. We even have dummies by the road side waving flags to alert drivers. No more tired looking face Bangladeshi.

Ayla's Beef Soup y'all!
Who says that I can't cook? Who who?
Who let the dogs out? =D 

Allah telah menurunkan perkataan yang paling baik (iaitu) Al-Quran yang serupa (mutu ayat-ayatnya) lagi berulang-ulang, gementar keranya kulit orang-orang yang takut kepada Tuhan-nya, kemudian menjadi tenang kulit dan hati mereka di waktu mengingat Allah. Itulah petunjuk Allah, dengan kitab itu Dia menunjuk siapa yang dikehendaki-Nya. Dan barangsiapa yang disesatkan Allah, maka tidak ada seorangpun pemberi petunjuk baginya. - Az-Zumar : 23

  • One of the things I like about Islam is that I have full dependency on Allah s.w.t. No matter what, where und when, I can always turn to Him und then feel at ease.
  • Whenever someone patronizes me oder literally makes me feel uncomfortable, I'm sure Allah Azza Wajalla knows und has His ways in dealing with that particular person. Leaving things beyond my control to Allah s.w.t. does help in reducing stress. 
  • No kidding. 
  • I used to cry searching for answers und remedies to my unwanted crisis, failing to remember that Allah sends hardships that one can endure. I was blinded by the unconfirmed favorable outcome. I went no where. 
  • No where.
Verily, with hardship there is relief. - Al-Quran, 94:6
  • Allah listens to our prayers und Dua. He doesn't "Shush" the less fortunate ones und only listens to the wealthy ones. NO. He listens to each und everyone of us. We don't need to offer rituals in order to be listened by Him. 
  • So don't be despaired. Talk to Allah s.w.t. in ways that we prefer. I had wasted a lot of time und I know what it is like to be a fool. 
  • Back then, I "Shushed" myself from Allah s.w.t. when He was actually there for me. I would like to believe that He is still here with me. 
  • May Allah Azza Wajalla guide us all.


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