Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

It's a sign for me to take a break. 
What we managed to 'harvest' from HalFest. Murahhhh that's why beli.
Paling penting dapat rempah kuzi. Packets of Kuzi spices were the first items we purchased.
Und with Allah's will, I used my tiny skill of conversing in Kelantan dialect,
I managed to get a packet of Krutuk spices for free. Puas nego in Kelantan, berbelit lidah hambo =p

  • I had a short nap after returning from Hal Fest in Mines, then woke up for Asar prayer. After saying salam, I looked into the mirror out out of no reason. Then something red in my left eye caught my attention. I lifted my eyelid with my fingers und was gobsmacked to see a huge plot of red blood in my eye!
  • I felt like crying. The first few things that came into my mind were, Diabetes, und High Cholesterol (due to family history und hereditary  T_T ). I thought maybe the hemorrhage is a symptom to these two illness. I called out for Syahmi und he was surprised aber managed to keep the situation calm. While I on the other hand was panting heavily und felt like collapsing due to the disgusting red fluid. 
  • Syahmi called everywhere asking for a specialist. Since we were at my in laws, Syahmi called KPJ Ampang, Pantai etc. und the last call he made was to his doctor friend who has a wife working in Ampang Hospital. His friend was really helpful in giving advices. JazakAllah Khair. 
  • Since it was Sunday und most doctors are not available except for on-call ones, Syahmi brought me to a private clinic. I could sense that the private GP was quite startled.

Sharing with you lot authentic NikSah Kuzi recipe that was given to me.
I have safron at home yang beli di Mekah Al-Mukaramah tak habis-habis lagi tu,
insyaAllah bertambah sedap lah my Kuzi =D

GP: The most I could do is to give you antibiotic. I suggest you to go to a hospital. 
Ayla: Is it serious? Is this something that I have to worry?
GP: I didn't say that it is something to worry about. 
Ayla: I can sense that it's a yes. 

  • Obviously. If it's something unserious, a short "You don't have to worry" is sufficient. 
  • Syahmi made another call to his doctor friend und were advised to take me to the emergency at Ampang Hospital. So we went und met a young male doctor (Doc. J) literally by the glass window. He observed und checked my eye before consulting his senior doctor. 
  • They diagnosed a subconjunctival hemorrhage und explained to us thoroughly. 
Cool kan packaging dia. Simple. Product Terengganu.
Got this for free. 
First time beli ni.

After all the explanations given ;-
Ayla: Is this something that I have to worry about?
Dr. J: No. It will self deplete. You just need to avoid from batuk kuat, bersin kuat, meneran, wearing contact lens, straining your eyes, less on computer and stress. 
Ayla: (lega mak dengar not to worry) How long does it take to heal?
Dr. J: Give it 3 months.
Ayla: 3 months?!
Dr. J: Yes. Yours is quite big yada yada yada.

  • Ok dengan ini diisytiharkan, Juaini Ayla Mohd Johan cuti 3 bulan. Aufwiedersehen! 

  • But The Sale is still on! =) Jemput shopping y'all.


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