Hol E Dey Dey Dey

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

My biological parents, step parents und parents in law are on holiday break since last Saturday. Aber both Syahmi und I are working today. Working until 1st Muharram arrives. In Shaa Allah.

Pretty eyh?

  • Sneezing. Alhamdulillah. It's a great day today. Had breakfast with darling Syahmi before he went off to work. Usually it would just be a few drops of habbatus sauda oil aber this morning, we had coffee with a store bought doughnut each. 
  • I'm not the type who wakes up earlier than husband to prepare breakfast every single day. I'm sure he has his 'favorite' breakfast waiting at the cafe in his office. Aber I do make breakfast whenever we are at home during weekend. Sometimes pancakes oder cekodok oder toast oder grilled cheese sandwich. 
  • Not bad eyh. 
  • Aber whenever we are at our parents', we don't usually decide on what to have for breakfast, lunch und dinner =) We leave it to the pros!
We received a pretty box each at my friend's wedding reception. Syukran.
I am very happy for you Myra! May Allah showers you und husband with happiness und love for eternity. 
  • As most mother in laws, mine is a good cook too. My mother in law cooks luscious Malay cuisine. She knows by heart und doesn't need a written recipe for reference. Well, it's a no surprise as she has been preparing food for the family for more than 28 years. From breakfast to dinner, she knows it too well. 
  • Same goes to my elder brother's mother in law (whom I called Mak Cik). She is a master in Malay dishes y'all. She knows all the tricks und secrets in preparing almost all Malay food. Wow!
  • I on the other hand, love to try all sorts of ingredients. I'm the type who puts whole olive fruits in sardine, saffron in sagoo pudding und ground mustard in omelet. Yet to put feta cheese in instant noodle =D
  • That's me. 

  • Alhamdulillah Syahmi understands me well und always want to try my cooking. He would guess for the secret oder alien ingredients. Aber if both of us are too lazy to cook, we would just snack on fruits oder this:
My payberet (pilipino) =D
  • Since tomorrow is a no working day, I'll prepare something mouth watering tonight (Syahmi mesti mengharap kalau dia baca ini di office. haha). InsyaAllah. =)


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