Is Your Husband Rich?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

I am grateful for the families I have. 
I am grateful that my parents are not some oil tycoons,
for I might eat with diamonds embedded silverware.

  • I tell you, I really don't mind living luxuriously. Having every possible metal made out of silver/platinum/gold, travel on my own private jet, have my own private Island etc. I bet we all don't. Don't deny this. 
  • Aber it all falls to the decisions we make in life. One can have all the money he wants aber still live simply oder one can have as little money as he wants aber lead a pretentious life.
  • So which one are you?
oh my. I want roti jala please -_-

  • Then when it comes to marriage, we are responsible upon choices we make. Not our parents oder relatives. If we want a handsome man, then obviously we'll search for a very handsome und charming guy. Und if we want a rich guy, we will search for a wealthy man oder perhaps a man with bloody rich parents. 
  • Correct? 
  • Aber how many percent of us search for a man who lives his life as according to the Al-Quran und Sunnah?
  • Just how many?
we were young, too young.

  • When I was younger, I used to tell myself that I don't want to marry an ustaz because he will definitely not allow me to go out see movies, won't allow me to eat out, won't allow me to play music, won't allow me to travel aber just stay at home und take care of my kids etc. 
  • Since I was brought up with these things, I had been conditioned that life will be partially 'boring' without these things, the things I'm used to since I was a little kid. 
  • Und I don't know why I had those thoughts about ustaz. Aber not anymore. 
  • So when the time came to make decision about marrying Syahmi, I carefully selected the man who allows me to do what ever I want as long as still within syariat. It was never about $. 
  • If it was about money, I wouldn't have married Syahmi since he was still an undergraduate when he proposed! Und that wasn't even during his final year in the university. So it was totally not about money. 
a husband can never stop driving. he should drive his staff at work, und
he should drive his family when he's at home. a great leader is the one who drives other people aber not a mute boss sitting comfortably. My husband shared with me the importance of being driven. 

  • I have been through thick und thin with Syahmi for the past 4 years plus another 4 years when we were still 'friends'. Therefore we literally know each other for more than 8 years now. 
  • If we were to focus on wealth und material things, I don't think Allah s.w.t. will let us go this far. 
  • Honestly, I learn a lot from other people. My husband once expressed to me on how glad he was knowing that I was given the chance to meet experienced people und still am. He knows that I do grab info quickly from other people's real life experiences than reading sci fi novels with a dash of moral values added.
  • Mistakes are not meant to be repeated. Thus I constantly remind myself und husband to not repeat our past mistakes. 
  • I'm a human, I need reminders too =D

  • We all make mistakes aber we cannot simply use that as a reason to commit sins. How many of us have the thought of marrying our spouse was the biggest mistake ever in life? 
  • Nauzubillahiminzalik.
  • Something is wrong somewhere. Stop giving excuses such as "We don't understand each other.".  Well did we truly understand our spouse during our courting days? Or perhaps we only took note of the amount he/she had in his/her pocket?
  • May Allah protect us from evil. 


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