No Bully

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  • I took a day off yesterday. 'Playing' with work is very stressful nowadays. I think the probability of me getting hypertension is quite high. So I drove to visit my father, youngest brother und aunt Lisa.
*there is a video here
  • Hey hey I am not a bully. Just a sister playing with her youngest baby brother =D He was all awake when I arrived und made funny noises when I left him on his bed. 
  • He loves the camera und would just stare into it whenever a camera is focused on him. 
  • Went for a check-up yesterday due to jaundice. May Allah protect you baby.
  • "Come und visit me if you wanna play with me. I'm friendly", says baby.

  • Yours truly need to settle a few things with MAYBANK. Yes, Malayan Banking. Probably need to start scouting for other banks. Stress. 
  • Will share with you lot what actually happened in shaa Allah. May Allah ease. 


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