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Assalamualaikum w.b.t. 

The Sale website is still under maintenance. Seems that it takes longer than I had expected. But fret not! You and your family und friends can still shop online through The Sale's facebook page or simply message me on facebook or whatsapp or viber or text or email or or or =D 

Clarks Macy Orange - CH818 : RM190 (termasuk charge Poslaju)

Clarks Mint Leather Bag - CH413 : RM260 (termasuk charge Poslaju)

Clarks Lorna - CH25 : RM140 (termasuk charge Poslaju)

Clarks Thai - CH33: RM190 (termasuk charge Poslaju)

Oasis Dark Pink Handbag - OH78 : RM250 (termasuk charge Poslaju)


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