Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

If we have the knowledge about food more than our ancestors did way back then, then we have no other reasons to continue consuming rice three times a day everyday! Unless we work as a builder oder any jobs that requires tremendous physical movements /activity.

My very very old machine. In the verge of becoming a poltergeist.
You cannot find this machine in apple store, no more.
I ain't need no blue screen y'all!
It's not the right time to behave inappropriately.
Wake up!

  • When some dietitians give advices on moderate eating habits, they practically forget about eating sensations their patients are having. It is definitely difficult to change the years of bad eating habit. I would say that it is as hard as to quit smoking. 
  • I may not have the empathy aber I believe that we need all support from our loved ones in order to change our lifestyle. Be it from eating healthily to exercising. One may not know the effect of living healthily until one tries it. It even helps to improve relationship with the spouse. Seriously.
  • As for me, I would say that I've been eating moderately aber I'm still in the midst of forcing myself to do more physical activity ie. exercise. I really need to make time for more physical work out. 
  • I don't take nasi lemak oder fried noodle oder roti canai for breakfast. I do consume those moderately when ever I'm at my parents' und in laws'. I myself don't cook und buy these food at home. I guess this adds to the plus points of working from home ey ;-)
  • Occasionally I drink tea or hot chocolate in the morning, about two to three cups a week. Aber most morning when I'm at home, I'll drink a glass of milk. Not Anlene, not those expensive milk in store. I just take Dutch Lady fresh milk oder powdered milk und of course, lots of water. 

  • I went for a minor bone check-up in early month, the lady (assuming a physician) shared with me that caffeine impedes calcium absorption. My test result came out alright und the tendency for me to experience osteoporosis is low. Alhamdulillah. Aber things might change in years to come, wallahu'alam. 
  • In fact, it is not solely due to age factor. You'll be surprised to know that even a 19 year-old lady can have a high tendency to experience osteoporosis. No kidding. 
Free bone health check by Anlene. The lady asked me on what brands do I consume.
I knew she was promoting Anlene aber I had to say what I had to say, "Dutch Lady" =D
I once tried Anlene yearsss ago, tak sedap. Hahaha.
If one scribbles on the green side, it means that your bone needs more spinach.
 If it's orange, it means that your bone needs more citrus.
If it's red, your bone needs more chili peppers.
Haha! Just kidding.
  • Lets together watch what we eat und exercise regularly. Change our staple food if it's not meant for our healthy body.
  • I need new weights, lighter than the ones we have at home bibi. It has been a week since I last do stretching und a bit of yoga doga. Need to get going again y'all.      


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