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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

The road is clear, aber still need to pay full attention while driving. Focus und determination are two of the keys to success. If one suffers astigmatism like me, he/she better get a co-driver at night. 

Hup Seng biscuits with Walls vanilla ice cream.

Syahmi: Kesian bibi. Ada banyak problems tapi bibi relax je. Bagus bibi.
Ayla: Itu sebab I makan. Then problem jatuh ke perut, baru stress nak kuruskan perut =D

  • Ini belum Syahmi tahu lagi semua gambar year 2010 und 2011 dari my machine yang I transfer to my new 1 Tera pendrive bapak bought me, tak boleh buka and ada error. 
  • I did try to transfer all photos into my machine balik hoping that dia akan elok semula tapi I was wrong. Tak boleh open juga photos semua tu. So now pilih nak nangis or nak makan doughnuts?
  • Nampaknya Syahmi kena bawa I semula ke tempat-tempat yang kami pergi in the year 2010 und 2011. Tapi bagus juga sebab year 2011 und 2012 were not so kind to me. I really hope Allah s.w.t. erases the whole negative bits during those years since I still cannot set foot in One Utama shopping mall. I loath the fact that negative films will play 'gracefully' whenever I saw 1 First Avenue und One Utama. 
  • Kalau I jadi Constantine, I akan cakap, may both of them rot in hell. Tapi seorang sudah apologize und I sudah biar Allah handle. Tapi seorang lagi itu tidak apologize dan tidak rasa bersalah langsung. She chose to lead her life that way, then  biarlah dia. Satu hari I pasti Allah akan bikin dia menyesal sesal dan kesal. 
The injured tomato plant. 

  • Bak kata Dixie Chicks, "Forgive sounds good, forget I'm not sure I could."
  • Spot on. 
  • Jadi case baru bikin I 'cool' ialah bersama Google. Memang best betul masalah ini. Rasanya Allah beri green light untuk I restructure und re-plan my life. Aber I still do not know how und when to start. If you ask me what do I really want to do now, I'll answer, "I want to try und live the life of Rosmah." 
  • Whudd??!! 
  • Hehe. 
  • Not that I adore Rosmah aber ...
  • I just want to know what it feels like to be wealthy und being able to buy things that I want aber not the things I need, und at the same time get to meet other countries' representatives etc. Well of course minus (without) Najib und her hair.
  • Aber I don't think I'll stand it. I don't think I'll be able to go through even an hour of her life.  
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Seems that the web takes longer to recover.
Please share this info with your family und friends. Thank you.

  • I'm indeed grateful with mine. Aber I need to continue living positively as I am in charge of my own life. 
  • May Allah protect us from the evil doers und guide us all in the right path until the end. 


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